Monday, March 14th, 2005

The term: “Ajax”

Category: Ajax

There has been a lot of discussion over naming the particular grouping of technology: Ajax.

I agree that the name is a little strange for a technology. It would make more sense to use:

  • Web Remoting
  • or, Remote Scripting

Then, maybe a particular framework would be called Ajax.

The JavaScript blog asked the question: “What should we call this”, and the few responses were for ‘Remote Scripting’.

The bottom line for me though is:

Who cares what the name is! Let’s just all use the same name for the same concept. I think we can all agree that it was a bit painful before Ajax: “I am doing a rich client app with asynchronous javascript using XMLHttpRequest”

Posted by Dion Almaer at 3:28 pm

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Eh, I described Ajax as “that google-suggest-technology” :-)

I like the term Ajax though — everybody knows what you’re talking about these days.

Comment by Tom Klaasen — March 15, 2005

For all its faults, I can tell you one excellent reason why Ajax is a better name than “Web Remoting” or “Remote Scripting” or similar constructions: it makes a better tag. “Categorization is the new Folder.”

Comment by Glenn Vanderburg — March 15, 2005

Lighten up, people! AJAX is a quick, catchy, and savvy moniker for an up and coming technique. It may not be entirely accurate, but that’s not the point. Jesse created the term for a presentation to an Adaptive Path client. The proposal involved XML transfer and JavaScript data retreival, so the name was entirely accurate for that proposal. Now, the term has broadened to include similar types of remote data display using JS. Kind of like saying ‘Coke’ instead of ‘cola.’

Get used to it, cause it’s not going anywhere!

Comment by jason — April 4, 2005

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