Monday, March 20th, 2006

The “Triple A” Business Model

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The recent Audible Ajax podcast pointed out how the term “Ajax” has made its way into the upper echelons of the business world, with Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and others having used the term. A recent “Business 2.0” executive roundtable also covered AjaxAJAX.

One particular quote that resonated well with everyone and has already started making its way around the Next Net world (in fact, it was just used by Adam Gross in a presentation he gave at the O’Reilly Etech Conference) was Bill Burnham’s triple “A” business model:

It’s the triple “A” business model: AJAX, Adsense and Arrogance.

Despite the fact that essentially everyone in the room had embraced AJAX and many of the folks in the room had also incorporated Adsense in some way or other, everyone went out of their way to make clear that their businesses were in no way defined by the Double “A,” let alone the Triple “A.” AJAX for AJAX sake was roundly rejected — what Jeremy Zawodny called “AJAX info porn” — but there was a great appreciation for the better user experience AJAX had to offer.

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