Friday, April 18th, 2008

The Twubble with Bob Lee

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Bob Lee is a co-worker of mine at Google (He is actually the lead on core Java APIs for Android), and he happened to create a cool little GWT application called Twubble, which he explains:

If you use Twitter, Twubble can look at your existing friends’ friends and recommend new people for you to follow. It’s a stupid simple idea, but I think the execution and fun factor have won people over.

I wrote Twubble in a couple nights of hacking in bed after the kid went to sleep. I used the latest Google Web Toolkit milestone which supports Java 5 (flawlessly from my experience). I was writing Javascript code (server and client side) for years before I ever got into Java, but I have to say, you’d be crazy to write AJAX apps any other way than GWT nowadays.

This is Bob’s first GWT application, so I wanted to sit down and talk to him about why he built the application, his experience with GWT, how he integrated with Twitter, and any other nuggets of information that I could get out of him:

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