Tuesday, December 12th, 2006

ThinWire 1.2 RC 1 Released

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ThinWire 1.2 RC 1 has been released.

ThinWire is an LGPL open source, free for commercial use, development framework that allows you to easily build applications for the web that have responsive, expressive & interactive user interfaces without the complexity of the alternatives. While virtually any web application can be built with ThinWire, when it comes to enterprise applications, the framework excels with its highly interactive and rich user interface components. Use ThinWire to handle the view-layer of your Java EE (J2EE) application and you’ll be able to provide an unparalleled user experience, while at the same time completing your project faster than ever.

ThinWire 1.2 RC 1 has too many updates to mention, and they are detailed in the release notes.

The Playground is a dashboard that shows off all of the components.

ThinWire RC 1

Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:38 am

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Comment by Sean — December 12, 2006

Could not access the playground. I guess the site is too busy.

Comment by rodrigo — December 12, 2006

Es demasiado lento, no responde con agilidad, codigo muy sobrecargado para ser simplemente ajax y javascript.

Este sistema anti spam es pesimo.

Comment by Ariel — December 12, 2006

Pretty nice set of controls, though still in the early or medium stages considering the level of finish. What I really think is a pity is the constant server updates. For everything I do on the client there seems to be a quick check with the mothership, e.g. “am I allowed to sort this column? yes? great here we go!” These server trips are really bad for the client side responsiveness and seriously diminish the quality of the user experience. It doesn’t feel robust, constantly takes me out of my flow, and doesn’t inspire confidence in getting the expected responses to my actions.

Comment by Michael van Ouwerkerk — December 12, 2006

It’s nice to see another ajax framework that manages to get the javascript code right for Safari/WebKit. See? It’s not that hard! Unfortunately, the widgets and controls provided are so godawful ugly that this particular framework would get laughed off the browser of most Mac users, no matter what browser they’re using. This team needs to get some members who have a little imagination for user interface components beyond Windows 3.1. :-)

Comment by Leland Scott — December 12, 2006

I hope this nice lib will make Ajaxian stop writing about Dojo Toolkit. This library works in Opera. This is what we need. I hope you will put it on the “standard web toolkit” list and drop Dojo. Thank you.

@ Leland Scott: What you are talking about is right, the GUI is not the smartest but the first step is that it DOES work. The concept is correct, this is the main thing. To make it look the Apply way and “web 2.0”, this is a completely other question.

It would be useful, if I could see the results of code editings on the thinWire playground.

Comment by Andi K — December 12, 2006

please check my site.

this site comes from thinwire

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Comment by mervin — March 6, 2007

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