Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

This Week in HTML5; Open Web Podcast with Anne van Kesteren

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The tag-team HTML5 series, and Open Web Podcast is back this week with new content.

First, Mark Pilgrim’s This Week in HTML 5 Episode 4 comes to you with the weekly summary:

The big news this week is the birth of the W3C’s experimental HTML 5 validator (announcement). It is based on Henri Sivonen’s experimental HTML 5 validator, although there are still some integration bugs to shake out. Related discussion on Sam Ruby’s blog.

Mark then details the discussions on SVG-in-HTML, and the alt argument.

On the Open Web Podcast, John Resig and I got to interview Anne van Kesteren of Opera and numerous-standards fame:

We got to sit down with him (virtually) and discuss both high level issues such as the current state of CSS, down to the brass tacks of particular APIs such as access-control, CSS3 Media Queries and XHR, and even look to the future with technology such as WebSockets.

You can download the podcast directly (OGG format too), or subscribe to the series, including via iTunes).

There are some nuggets that I didn’t know of, such as the agreement with Microsoft to at least use access-control (as XHR level 2 does) for their competing XDR proposal.

Finally, with John Resig from Mozilla Corp, and Anne from Opera, there is some healthy debate on the roll of market share and minority browsers.

Who else would you like us to interview? Ben and I have a fun new series that we are finally putting together that gets more into personality than technology, and is a lot of fun.

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