Friday, November 30th, 2007

Thomas Fuchs uses 2.0 on his own site

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Thomas Fuchs is back in the consulting game and his new site gives us another glimpse of 2.0 abilities.

The photo zooming?


  1. Effect.PhotoZoom = Class.create(Effect.Element, {
  2.   setup: function() {
  3.     var currentHeight = $('text').getHeight();    
  4.     var newHTML ='div.text').innerHTML;
  6.     var left =*120 + 90;
  7.     var color = $w('ffa ffa ffa ffa ffa')[];
  9.     $('text_contents').show().update(newHTML).setStyle({height:'auto'});
  10.     var newHeight = $('text_contents').getHeight()+22;
  12.     Thomas.clearTextBox();
  13.     $('text').setStyle({height:currentHeight+'px'});
  15.     $('text').morph('left:'+left+'px;height:'+newHeight+'px;background-color:#'+color,{
  16.       duration: 1.2,
  17.       transition: 'linear',
  18.       propertyTransitions: {
  19.         left: 'bouncePast',
  20.         height: 'bouncePast',
  21.         backgroundColor: 'sinusoidal'
  22.       },
  23.       after: function(){
  24.         $('text_contents').show();
  25.         Element.update.defer('text_contents', newHTML);      
  26.       }
  27.     });
  29.     this.animate('zoom', this.element, {
  30.       propertyTransitions: this.options.propertyTransitions || { }
  31.     });
  32.   }
  33. });

Thomas Fuchs

Posted by Dion Almaer at 10:13 am

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Just kidding. Nice @ his site, I love the photo effect.

Comment by Michael — November 30, 2007

Pretty cool. Shame he missed a few things tho, forexample – doublt click images instead ofa single click. You use the yellow info thing.

It looks nice without JavaScript turned on too.

Yeah, i know, i’m being picky

Comment by Dougal85 — November 30, 2007

Really cool. I can’t wait for the release of 2.0.

Comment by RStankov — November 30, 2007

It doesn’t work without JavaScript. Bad design. Flash would have shown the content much smoother, but only when there would be standard content. IF there is optional content, there must be standard-content!

Comment by mg — November 30, 2007

Pretty nice, and particularly for a guy’s personal portfolio site – especially for someone who’s likely been busy building other nifty things, I feel like I can relate. ;)

Comment by Schill — November 30, 2007

very interesting in safari3. awesome

Comment by phpcs — November 30, 2007

Back in the consulting game? But what was Thomas Fuchs doing before that?

Comment by SaigonByNight — November 30, 2007

“It doesn’t work without JavaScript. Bad design.”

Is it *really*? What percentage of users actually surf without JS enabled?

Comment by Cal Jacobson — November 30, 2007

really cool… love to see Thomas’ work… besides the obvious Scriptaculous releases…. these latest examples with the ‘bouncing inflation’ effects, along with a lot of items in Fluxiom, etc really inspire, make me think as a developer. Great-

Comment by Mark Holton — November 30, 2007

I hope the Thomas object is in 2.0

Comment by RobRobRob — November 30, 2007

What nonsense. “I have a lot of experience building the impossible, squeezing unheard-of functionality out of all of the most popular web browsers.”. Is that a joke? The impossible? Unheard of? Thats a strange way to say “It is demonstrably false that using anything I’ve built has increased sales, improved the usability of the web, or never been done before”.

Thomas has to consult because his work has made him irrelevant. There are thousands of people now who can just plug his effects library and call themselves developers.

Do not use these idiotic frameworks. Build your own. Do not become a mindless drone. If you are serious about developing, create, think, challenge yourself. Even the prince of nonsense has to work for a living. So much for changing the world.

Comment by jimbob — December 2, 2007

@Jimbob, why do you insist on showing up here at Ajaxian just to malign other peoples’ good, hard work? Why don’t you show us your work? You do work, yes? It’s a valid question because more often than not, you sound like a beard scratching, lab coated, navel gazing professor who may understand theory but not practice.

Why do you insist on insulting those of us who use and like these tools? Do you think that somehow you are “showing us the light”?

You admonish us to “create, think, challenge ourselves”. Your assumption that we don’t already do this on a daily basis is foolish and arrogant. How would YOU have us design software, Jimbob? That’s a rhetorical question…I’ve heard enough from you to know you have little to offer.

Comment by Jeff — December 3, 2007

bobo 2.0

Comment by mhr — December 3, 2007

@mg: try in lynx. renders perfectly.

Comment by madrobby — December 3, 2007

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