Monday, February 26th, 2007

Thoughts on the Open Ajax Alliance

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John Resig gives his honest opinion on the Open Ajax Alliance (which his employer is a part of, Mozilla).

John talks about technical and non-technical issues:

  • First he hits out at how corporate the alliance is
  • Then he talks about the OpenAjax Hub and a few items he would like different

In short: The OpenAjax Alliance needs to seriously consider opening up their process to all Open Source JavaScript Libraries, helping to make their standards more practical and effective. Additionally, the OpenAjax Hub should be severely downsized, and reconsidered, if not removed entirely, as its addition serves little practical benefits (that a set of requirements couldn’t solve).

I am sure there is room to move here, and these things can be cleaned up.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 7:33 am

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good finding

Comment by test — February 26, 2007

There are several responses to John’s comments now at, including my own, which begins with: “OpenAjax Alliance definitely wants all of the major Ajax toolkit developers to join the effort. ” John has provided lots of good feedback in his posting. We hope John joins OpenAjax Alliance and encourage others independent Ajax toolkit developers to join, also.

Comment by Jon Ferraiolo — February 27, 2007

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