Wednesday, May 17th, 2006

TIBCO announces integration with Dojo and Yahoo! UI

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We have all run into the problem where we like OpenRico’s accordian widget, and Dojo’s rich text widget, and Yahoo!’s autocomplete widget. We can download all of the JS code for each framework, but wouldn’t it be nice if there was real integration?

TIBCO has obviously thought the same thing, as they just announced how they are integrating Dojo and Yahoo! widgets into their toolkit. This means that if you are using TIBCO you can include a component from one of these other toolkits.

“With our open architecture, we’re addressing the needs of developers who want to include open source and commercial AJAX components in their applications,” said Kevin Hakman, director, product marketing, TIBCO General Interface. “Now, users can mix and match components from multiple AJAX libraries with the ease-of-use and speed of TIBCO General Interface’s visual layout, data management and communication tools.”

The Dojo Toolkit will be the first in a series of third-party AJAX components for GUI, communication, and data access that will be made available to users of TIBCO General Interface later this year.

“We’re very excited that developers can use TIBCO General Interface to include Dojo components,” said Dylan Schiemann, co-founder of the Dojo Toolkit. “The outstanding visual development environment in General Interface significantly reduces the entry barrier for Dojo and AJAX development.”

TIBCO Components

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What is the TGI release planned to include these capabilities ?

Comment by Alex — May 24, 2007

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