Tuesday, December 6th, 2005

TIBCO General Interface 3.1.0 Beta 3 Download Now Available

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Beta 3 of TIBCO General Interface 3.1, a.k.a “GI”, is now available for download.

What is TIBCO GI?

According to TIBCO:

Don’t expect to be working with DHTML, the DOM or the XMLHTTPRequest object, because the GI Framework provides a full JavaScript object abstraction layer so as to provide a uniform object based API to rich GUI components, client-side data cache, and of course, async-communications. GI Builder, itself an AJAX app powered by GI Framework, provides visual tools for WYSIWYG GUI assembly, wizards to connect to services in the network, step-through JavaScript debugging and more. It’s a tool for developers wanting to build web applications, AJAX components or rich portlets that look, feel and perform like desktop GUIs.

Feature Roadmap

  • Beta 2 had the major advancement of visual tooling for browsing and binding of all types of SOAP messages & WSDLs.
  • Beta 3 enhances GI Builder usability, includes searchable API help in a separate window, and provides several new utility classes (Logger, Sound) and simplified form validation, amongst other enhancements.
  • Beta 4 is aimed at extending the visual communication binding tools beyond SOAP to include visual tooling for communications via XML (with or without XML schemas), and HTML Form Post interfaces to server processes. REST will hopefully get into this round as well. You can do all this today at the code level, but visual tools will make getting the job done much faster.


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It also costs $50 grand. :) tom

Comment by tom — December 6, 2005

i guess that’s a major con. ;)

Comment by joe — December 6, 2005

GI uses ActiveX controls. and requires IE 6.0 or greater…

Comment by mohan — December 6, 2005

And GI is still IE only tool!

Comment by 100 — December 7, 2005

ActiveX and 50k? These people should be shunned, not promoted :)

Comment by Gregory Pierce — December 7, 2005

Yes. It’s expensive today. I hear that they are going to change the pricing model and have single developer and enterprise versions. Don’t know what that means in real $$$.

However, GI does not require ActiveX. You get an ActiveX prompt when loading the Builder IDE but it’s not a custom ActiveX – it’s using the Windows File Scripting object for file persistence. A run-time General Interface project does not require any ActiveX.

The IE only part sucks but they claim to be working on FireFox support.

Comment by Mike — December 9, 2005

Thats exactly what I do – I say I am from Missouri on cross platform, cross browser reach of GI in my review of AJAX tools at http://www.theopensourcery.com/ajaxtools.htm
They gave me a briefing back in June saying they were porting to Mozilla/Firefox; but nothing has happened in the interim despite claims that their object layering “could easily accomodate such changes”.

Comment by Jacques Surveyer — December 9, 2005


Just to clarify some comments on this page:

1. The GI runtime does not require ActiveX. Only the IDE (which is built on top of the runtime) does. Since the IDE writes to the local file system, this is understandable.

2. People in marketing tell me that the pricing model is going to totally change by the time 3.1 is released (2/06?). It will probably be more along the lines of desktop software with an approx. $500 per developer cost and free deployment. Try the free Beta product today and you will definitely be able to deploy any public GI application into the future.

3. Yes, we are only IE 6 today and we still hope to have a Mozilla port soon.

4. 3.1 Beta 4 should be out in the first week on January.

Jesse Costello-Good
TIBCO General Interface

Comment by Jesse Costello-Good — December 30, 2005

What is the plan to support GI on Mac(apple safari)? When will it be available?

Comment by Ghanashyam Joshi — January 24, 2006

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