Monday, February 12th, 2007

TIBCO General Interface 3.3

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TIBCO General Interface has a new 3.3 release that follows a public beta with lots of community participation.

The new release adds support for IE7 and Firefox 2 and boosts performance to caching, application init times, and large data set rendering.

TIBCO GI 3.3 contains:

  • 100+ Ajax Components for Ajax GUI, Data, Communication, & System objects
  • Visual Tools
  • All Open Source BSD Licensed

Posted by Dion Almaer at 12:16 am

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Tibco GI is a really good product. I am just preparing a presentation for university about mapping of WSDL-based web services in JavaScript. Does anybody know of another framework that can also handle WSDL files? I need it for comparison to Tibco-GI.
If you know of one, please let me know…would help me a lot.

Comment by Dave — February 12, 2007

The addition of Firefox support is a big one, and compells me to look into this framework. I recall a time when GI only supported IE (during a time when that made more sense, prior to Firefox having 15+% market share).

The fact that Tibco has demonstrated the Tibco GI on high performance, high load apps like EMR and other medical applications makes me lean towards this whenever doing a larger-scale application.

From what I understand, if need be, Tibco works seamlessly with Prototype and Dojo, can anyone confirm/deny this?

Comment by Mark — February 12, 2007

re: working with Dojo… It’s been shown that you can run GI and Dojo at the same time (e.g. use dojo widgets in GI context, along side other GI widgets). TIBCO has also demonstrated the same with DWR (Direct Web Remoting). It’s seamless in the sense that ther are no conflicts between the libraries. There are some samples and discussions and video tutorials on TIBCO GI + Dojo topics @

Here’s a video tutorial on the topic …

Re… even more seamless… We are continuing to advance this work through the OpenAjax Alliance contributing to standards for ajax toolkit interoperability, manifest in the OpenAjax Hub.

I’m not aware of a case with TIBCO and Prototype being used together. I do know that Prototype is not yet a member of the OpenAjax Alliance. (

FWIW– TIBCO’s also demosntrated working with Yahoo! Maps and Google Maps!


Comment by Kevin Hakman — February 12, 2007

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