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TIBCO General Interface version 3.1 Professional Edition Released

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TIBCO Software Inc. has released TIBCO General Interface version 3.1 Professional Edition.

This is an exciting new release (above and beyond the point release version number) because of:

  • Pricing: We have run into past situations where the price of TIBCO GI put people off. TIBCO realised this, and has slashed the price, so much so that it is now free in many cases (development, testing, and public deployments). If you have a private deployment, pricing starts at $499.
  • Features: Version 3.1 has new features such as faster drag-and-drop visual authoring tools for standard XML & XSD, SOAP and WSDL communications, as well as HTTP/S GET and POST operations dramatically reducing scripting time.
  • Community: The TIBCO General Interface Developer Community is accessible
  • Plugins: New plugin architecture enables third party plugins

What is TIBCO General Interface?

TIBCO General Interface is made up of two components – TIBCO® General Interface Framework and TIBCO® General Interface Builder – providing breakthrough development tools. First brought to market in 2001, the product has been used to provide Web applications that have the rich features of desktop installed software, but the lower cost profile of web deployments. TIBCO General Interface has powered applications at Fortune 1000 companies and within the U.S. government for over four years. For more information, go to

Press Release

PALO ALTO, Calif., Feb. 13, 2006 – TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX), a leading business integration and process management software company that enables real-time business, today announced the availability of TIBCO General Interface version 3.1 Professional Edition, which includes enhanced features and a bold new licensing and pricing model. The latest version of TIBCO’s award-winning Asynchronous, JavaScript and XML (AJAX) development framework and tooling brings the industry’s most mature AJAX technology to the far reaches of the developer community and offers a head start for building Rich Internet Applications based upon five years of proven enterprise deployments.

With the professional edition, TIBCO General Interface is being made available to build and test AJAX-enabled applications for free. Developers and organizations of any type pay nothing to deploy publicly. For non-public deployments, TIBCO offers affordable license purchasing options for small user groups. Now, developers looking to build AJAX-based applications can leverage the power of TIBCO General Interface Professional Edition to instantly add robust, feature-rich capabilities to their Web applications.

“We don’t want to impose a specific one size fits all approach to acquiring software,� said Ram Menon, senior vice president, Worldwide Marketing, TIBCO Software. “Our new pricing and licensing model brings the proven enterprise benefits of General Interface to every corner of the developer community. We believe that this differentiated strategy will provide the flexibility for individuals and organizations to choose the best approach for developing, testing and deploying Rich Internet Applications using one of the most mature tools available today.�

Full Press Release

NOTE: We will be releasing a podcast with Kevin Hakman of TIBCO tomorrow

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Smart business move. However, I think we all know Tibco is taking the addictive / dependant business model approach. No doubt if they can capture over 50% of the market share, Tibco will be increasing costs, and reducing capabilities for the “free” download and use folks. Hey, this is the result of their blood, sweat and tears. They have a right to jack prices later. I’m just not interested. I’m more interested to see what the DOJO on AOL CDN effort provides the world.

Comment by Dave Hemminger — February 13, 2006

So now we have a problem: TIBCO GI is apparently the “#1 Rated AJAX Framework and IDE” and Backbase is also apparently the “#1 AJAX Development Framework” (marketdroid-ish all-caps theirs, not mine).

I see only one way out of this mess: proprietary DHTM…erm..AJAX cage match!

Comment by Alex Russell — February 13, 2006

Excellent point and happy someone finally brought it up. We hope the fact that GI has been formally independently reviewed and so have other tools (backbase as well) by InfoWorld will help clarify things. In fact, GI had the highest score and won InfoWorld’s “Best AJAX Toolkit.” I think that is truth in advertising. I’d like to see how the other guy backs up their claims. Also, it is nice to have a legal department that doen’t let you get away with anything like that without proof. Can’t say the same thing about some competitors.

Comment by Scott Fingerhut — February 13, 2006

Scott Fingerhut: I’m sure you have a good product (the screencast looks interesting), but why do you require a “non-free” email address to download a developer version? And don’t get me started on that registration form – “Title” is a required field! To me it appears as if you are not really serious about the developer edition.

Comment by Kingsley — February 13, 2006

Hi Kingsley. Totally understand and we will work to let in free addresses. We adhere to laws about exporting the software and hence do MK Denial checks (mandated). The free domains were causing some problems and kicking back a bunch of exceptions, which we are going to fix and clear up soon.

On capturing title, that is a good point and I’ll see if we can do away with that. We will continue to work hard to prove our developer commitment. The input is very well appreciated.

Comment by Scott Fingerhut — February 13, 2006

TIBCO GI looks amazing. IDE itself works within the browser and a remarkable application by itself.
However, it looks like TIBCO GI is still Internet Explorer only. In the data sheets, they use the term “standard browser” but there is no mention of which browsers are supported.
Some of the articles about the product announcement state that IE is the only browser but Firefox is “on the way”. Being IE only, pretty much limits the product to intranet applications. Anyone has an idea when the Firefox support will be available?

Comment by Berkay — February 13, 2006

[…] Ben and I had the pleasure of visiting TIBCO GI head quarters in the valley. They showed us their tools, and we got to interview Kevin Hakman about all things Ajax, including their recent announcement on pricing and features. […]

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Comment by ajax IDE — April 21, 2006

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Comment by kingstar — December 6, 2006

Actually reading the InfoWorld article, they rated Backbase 1st as best Ajax Framework with 8.9 and Tibco last, out of four Frameworks evaluated.

See for yourself:

Comment by BillHo — May 28, 2007

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