Monday, October 2nd, 2006

TIBCO GI 3.2: Open sourced, and Firefoxed

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TIBCO has made a big announcement today. They have unveiled TIBCO General Interfaceâ„¢ version 3.2, beta edition which will provide developers with an open source licensing option and newly added functionality including support for Firefox 1.5.

There are also other new features such as:

  • New Matrix control: Grids and Lists, Trees, Tree-Grids and Tree-Lists, Built-in incremental data acquisition and display features. Many new column types including date, time, dialog, slider, color, and pretty much anything you could put in a block
  • Smaller initial footprint and enhanced package loading times
  • Configurable development time, and runtime deployment paths
  • Chart package implemented in SVG
  • API and visual tooling enhancements throughout

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Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:02 am

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Congrats to the whole GI team! It takes a lot of work and a lot of guts to go Open Source.

Jeff: comparison point #1: when something goes wrong w/ GI, I can dig in and fix it.


Comment by Alex Russell — October 2, 2006

True enough, Alex. I just wonder what happens after that. Do you fork your own GI codebase, or submit the patch back to TIBCO for centralized review, commit, release, and maintenance? It might just be easier to log a tech support request and have them do it for you. :)

Comment by Jeff Dill — October 2, 2006

Jeff: I think that’s the test of most corporate Open Source efforts. Does a community evolve? Can external folks become committers? I have hopes that TIBCO will handle this better than Yahoo has and take the steps necessary to foster a real community.


Comment by Alex Russell — October 2, 2006

im getting very ‘crufty’ vibes from this thing. surfing around their site, its impossible to even find so much as a screenshot. theres a bunch of (broken) flashboxes, and links to PDFs.. plus it popped up a big warning message in firefox “this site requires Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher’ or something

Comment by carmen — October 3, 2006

The error message you describe sounds like you downloaded the 3.1 version of the product that we released almost a year ago. Are you sure you read the title of this article? The whole point of the article is that there’s a new 3.2 release that now runs on Firefox and is Open Source. If you had posted the URL that you errantly navigated to, perhaps I could have helped you more. But in the spirit of ridding the software world of all cruftiness, others might try this:

Comment by luke — October 3, 2006

I would have to ask…is this open source…or just BSD around obfuscated code, since…if you visit the tibco site, there is no source. disappointing! come on tibco…

Comment by joe — October 7, 2006

[…] TIBCO GI 3.2: Open sourced, and Firefoxed TIBCO GI is an AJAX component framework for building desktop-like web applications. Until this latest release, it was IE-only, but it now supports Firefox 1.5, and is free for all uses. It still lacks support for other browsers, but impressive anyway! (tags: ajax firefox) […]

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Trackback by vhbtdplgtm — October 21, 2006

Yeah, these guys may have a cool product, but I wouldn’t know, coz they dont’ know how to write a website for the attention-deprived 2007 developer.

We need screenshots, instant web demos.
Not video tutorials.

I’m sure you love your product and think that everyone should spend the time to dig through your web site and sit through the videos, but wake up.
This is not 2001.

Get with the web 2.0 program and showcares your framework in 2 minutes or less.

Comment by RealityCheck — January 26, 2007

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