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TIBCO GI 3.2: Take a peak at the source code that was just released

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TIBCO General Interface 3.2 was released earlier this month under the rather liberal BSD open source license.

The intent behind that release was to enable developers to use and deploy the product at no cost under the terms of the BSD license.

Now TIBCO has taken the next step, bundling the fully commented and unobfuscated JavaScript source with the product download so that it can serve as a reference to those that really want to get in under the hood and see what makes GI tick.

TIBCO also states on the GI download page that implementing a full open source eco-system will occur in phases.

  • Phase 1: Source code is provided with the download for use as a reference. The product and its source are free to use under a BSD license; Full support, warranty, and more is offered under separate TIBCO agreements.
  • Phase 2: Source compilation, compression and obfuscation tools will be provided so that you can generate optimized runtime code for multiple platforms from your modifications to the source.
  • Phase 3: Community contributions under separate contributor agreements for those that want to contribute their good stuff.

Developers wanting to create modifications and extensions to the GI libraries can now do so more easily with access to the fully commented source. However close inspection of the source will reveal that the raw JavaScript source can also be run through a “pre-compiler” that compresses, obfuscates, and generates separate runtimes for each of the supported browsers—and that pre-compiler will not be out until Phase 2 of the open source implementation process. In effect the source code has forks in it for various browser types, but the pre-compiler generates optimized code for a single browser, thus increasing performance and shrinking the footprint while packing in lots of capabilities.

With over 100 Ajax components, it’s pretty amazing all the features the GI team can get into such a small footprint. Taking a peek through the source reveals some of the ways the GI team whose been in the Ajax business for 5 years now, has architected the product to do so much with so little.

You can download GI and its fully-commented JavaScript source @

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I wish they would have released it under an open source license earlier. …already invested a lot of my time to Dojo and Prototype. It seems like a great product, just don’t have the time/impetus to switch at this point.

Comment by Mark Holton — December 1, 2006

Did you know that you can use Dojo components with TIBCO GI?
See …
And …

We also did a tutorial session on using GI + Dojo at AjaxWorld in Santa Clara and again at The Ajax Experience in Boston this year. TIBCO GI already has over 100 out-of-the-box components, but other toolkits have some great stuff too that GI does not. So it makes lots of sense to be able to mix and match.

TIBCO is a leading member of the Open Ajax Alliance. Checkout the work the OAA has been doing to make components from various Ajax libraries interoperable with eachother @

We’d love to have Prototype be interoperable as well, but they’ve yet to join the group that now has over 50 active members from the industry.

Comment by Kevin Hakman — December 1, 2006

Tibco GI Goes Open Source

Ajaxian carries the announcement that Tibco GI 3.2 has gone open source. Tibco, along with Informatica, is one of the unsung heros of the AJAX world. Unsung as judged by their stock prices — Informatica and Tibco….

Trackback by Hasan Diwan on the Web! — December 1, 2006

There’s a lot of work to migrate to an environment like TIBCO, and a lot of it is further undermimed by the perception that it’s not consumer-website friendly. There is where YahooUI does it for me.

Comment by Ivan — December 2, 2006

Thanks for that info. I admittedly did not know that you could use both DOJO and TIBCO together. That was a question I had, thanks for that. I just listened to the Ajaxian podcast again, and wanted to post a follow on comment… I have a distinct interest now in getting up to speed with Tibco GI. I especially liked the examples given about the sophisticated apps that drove development of G.I.
It seems to be definitely worth it to try and bang out some pages and try and get up to speed.
As for the OpenAjax alliance… it’s awesome how this Ajax community is shaping up and gaining a lot of momentum. (Thanks Ajaxians!)

Comment by Mark Holton — December 8, 2006

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