Friday, May 4th, 2007

TIBCO GI 3.4: Open Source Home

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When a large company migrates to open source, it takes time to setup the infrastructure for the project. TIBCO GI 3.4 has been released, and although there are many new features, the most important update is arguably the new home for the product.

The open source home page features the full downloadable source online (SVN and SVN Web), an online bug tracking system (JIRA), and build tools to make it far easier for you to extend GI and create optimized GI libraries for your Ajax application projects.

Download the latest release, or view the releast notes (pdf).

Posted by Dion Almaer at 5:17 am

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Every Ajaxian post about Tibco seems to unanimously agree about Tibco being so uninteresting to all but its current user base that it is not worth mentioning even in passing what it is, does or is short for. So it probably is.

Comment by Johan Sundström — May 4, 2007

@Johan: TIBCO appears to be one of Ajaxian’s biggest sponsors, so if we continue to read Ajaxian, we just have to deal with the TIBCO slant. But yes, ’tis quite uninteresting the 40th time around.

Comment by Ryan Gahl — May 4, 2007

Having said that, (sorry), it’s a good thing for the forward momentum of the community to have another open source project out there, and I guess Johan and I were a little brash, in that we assumed everyone reads this site every day like us… I’m sure this will be interesting to some people who don’t keep their thumbs on the space as much, or are just getting into it all. My bad. Go TIBCO :-)

Comment by Ryan Gahl — May 4, 2007

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