Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

TIBCO GI Ajax Challenge

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<>p>TIBCO has created an Ajax Challenge where the goal is to build the world’s largest mashup over the summer using TIBCO GI.

Your components must:

  • Must use General Interfaceâ„¢ v3.4.1, an open source Ajax toolkit from TIBCO with over 100 Ajax components and a suite of visual tools.
  • You may also include other Ajax components and libraries if you wish.
  • Must be created as a Project using the General Interface visual tools.
    • Give your project a unique name and set the namespace of the TIBCO General Interface project you create to a unique name. We suggest using the reverse domain name convention.
  • Must use TIBCO PageBus, an open source Ajax message bus, the core of which was recently contributed to the OpenAjax Alliance.
  • Must subscribe to at least one of the three messages below
  • May publish to at least one of the three messages below
  • Ben and I will be helping out as judges, so we are interested to see what creative ideas come in.

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    Contestants must reside in the US or Canada.

    Comment by Jordan — July 12, 2007

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