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TIBCO to sponsor DWR development

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TIBCO has announced that they are doing to sponsor work by the DWR lead (Joe Walker) to integrate DWR and TIBCO GI.

This is good news for both parties:

  • TIBCO GI users will have a new way to integrate with Java web applications
  • DWR: The integration work between DWR and TIBCO GI will probably help integrate with other frameworks. Changes made to DWR to work with GI will be exposed for other work. For example, the DWR team will look at automating the currently-hand written server-side version of Scriptaculous Effects.

JBI users may get some tighter integration too, making your life easier. We are excited to see what comes of this.

More details (from the Press Releases)

TIBCO will work with DWR founder, Joe Walker, to provide ready-made integration points between DWR and TIBCO General Interface™, TIBCO’s Ajax Rich Internet Application toolkit for creating rich graphical GUIs in a browser. Additionally, the collaboration will seek to extend DWR so that it can function as a Java Business Integration (JBI) standard service engine and be deployed on TIBCO ActiveMatrix™, the industry’s first service virtualization platform. The complementary components of DWR and General Interface™ will ultimately enable businesses to expand their uses of message and event-based service-oriented architectures.

“We are excited to be working with TIBCO to push adoption of DWR further into the enterprise,” said Joe Walker, DWR founder. “DWR has been a leading Ajax framework for some time but working with TIBCO will help take DWR further into the realm of full Ajax Rich Internet Applications being deployed alongside message and event-driven service platforms.”

With substantial application modernization efforts underway and a continued trend towards SOA in business, the combined Ajax libraries of General Interface and DWR will provide capabilities that deliver rich user features such as editable grids, real-time events and notifications, and streaming data. By running on Internet technology rather than operating or runtime environment dependent technologies, businesses will experience much lower costs of ownership.

“DWR is a rapid way for Java developers to expose Java objects as simple Ajax services without the need for additional configuration or transformation. We have many customers already using DWR with the General Interface Ajax library,” said Kevin Hakman, director product marketing, TIBCO General Interface. “With DWR’s reverse Ajax capability, messages and events can be pushed from the server to the browser so that Web applications can also have real-time notification and streaming data features.”

Read Joe Walker’s thoughts

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Do you really need to post most of the press release? Is it necessary to wave Tibco’s flag like you’re part of their army? As I write this, there are 2 Tibco ads, a podcast, and now a large article.

I sure do wish things were a little more objective around here…

Comment by Andrew Herron — January 10, 2007

Normally I might agree, but this is news I would very much like to hear. DWR is a cool idea / implementation so it’s great to know that it will continue to move forward in a way that allows the core people to concentrate on it’s development more. Congrats ! :)

Comment by Jesse Kuhnert — January 10, 2007

Well I for one am real happy to have discovered ajaxian yesterday. Because of this fine site I’ve discovered TIBCO. GI blows my socks off. Their giving this away for free? That’s like Sun giving away Java. Watch me as I jump on the bandwagon.

Comment by Todd Gochenour — January 12, 2007

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