Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

Titanium gets hardened with new beta that features Mobile and more

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Appcelerator has announced a Titanium beta that adds to their desktop vision with new APIs and developer tool but also allows you to create mobile applications using HTML/CSS/JavaScript (and in fact Ruby, Python, …) that run on iPhone and Android.

You can take a look at what it takes to develop for desktop and mobile in this screencast from Kevin Whinnery:

I instantly thought of PhoneGap and asked Jeff Haynie about the differences. It appears that Titanium Mobile handles the device mapping in a different way. Instead of focusing just on device APIs and giving developers access to those APIs via JavaScript, it goes a little further. The Titanium tool will compile down your code and you will see that native widgets will be used in places. As the mobile version moves forward, they expect to do more of that kind of work, so instead of a WebView + APIs, you have native where you can, and WebView where you can’t.

From watching the Titanium Developer tool at work, you can quickly see that it is nicely taking care of you, the Web developer, as you go through the process of dealing with phones. Dealing with the SDKs from Apple and Android can be messy business and the tool really tries to make it much more seamless. The same can be said for the packaging and deployment process.

It is great to see yet another product that comes along to help Web developers take their existing skills and have them work on mobile platforms. Personally, the thought of going to Objective-C land isn’t a pleasant one for me, so this and PhoneGap make total sense. If other platforms such as Android and hopefully webOS catch on, then it will make even more sense to go cross platform. Who better to write code on difference devices that Web devs since we have to deal with it every day ;)

Need a visual builder? You could take the upcoming 280 Atlas, use Interface Builder or Atlas itself, and deploy your app to the phone. Great times for the Web platform.

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I’m wondering where it is possible to download this beta…

Comment by frenchStudent — June 9, 2009

Loving the title

Comment by Darkimmortal — June 9, 2009

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