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Titanium PR2 Released

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A little over two months after their initial launch of Titanium, Appcelerator today followed with the “PR2” release of their open-source web-as-desktop-app run-time platform (i.e., an open-source competitor to Adobe AIR).

This release adds support for Linux to their OS X and Windows versions and also provides a GUI for creating stand-alone Titanium apps (the previous version relied on command-line utilities). This application is a Titanium app itself and includes some innovative features, including a view of the Titanium group’s Twitter / FriendFeed streams and a direct connection to their IRC channel.

Appcelerator is also trying to make it as easy as possible hack away on the Titanium platform without requiring the use of C++; they’ve added a new module API that lets you use JavaScript, Ruby or Python in addition to Bjarne Stroustrup‘s spawn.

On a lower level, and of more probable interest to our community, the JavaScript APIs have been greatly extended. Let’s consider the File API in the first release of Titanium, which consisted of one documented method (“read”) and one undocumented method (“write”). In the PR2 release, it looks quite a bit richer:

copy ( to ) : boolean
    Copies a file to another location.
createTimestamp ( ) : number
    Returns a timestamp of the file’s creation.
createDirectory ( recursive ) : boolean
    Creates a directory.
deleteDirectory ( recursive ) : boolean
    Deletes an existing directory.
deleteFile ( ) : boolean
    Deletes a file.
exists ( ) : boolean
    Checks whether or not a file exists on the user’s system.
extension ( ) : string
    Returns the file’s extension.
getDirectoryListing ( ) : array
    Returns an array of files inside a directory.
isDirectory ( ) : boolean
    Checks whether the file object is a directory.
isFile ( ) : boolean
    Checks whether the file object is a file.
isHidden ( ) : boolean
    Checks whether the file object is hidden.
isSymbolicLink ( ) : boolean
    Checks whether the file object is a symbolic link.
modificationTimestamp ( ) : string
    Returns a timestamp of the file’s last modification.
move ( to ) : boolean
    Moves a file to another location.
name ( ) : string
    Returns the name of the file.
nativePath ( ) : string
    Returns the full path of the file.
parent ( ) : File
    Returns the parent directory where the file resides.
read ( ) : string
    Reads the content of the file.
readLine ( reset ) : string
    Reads a particular line in the file’s content.
resolve ( path ) : boolean
    Changes the file or directory referenced by a File object.
size ( ) : number
    Returns the size of the file.
spaceAvailable ( ) : number
    Returns to space available on a user’s system.
toString ( ) : string
    Returns the file’s properties as a string.
write ( data [, append] ) : boolean
    Outputs data into a file. 

Check out the full API docs to get a feel for the rest of the APIs; but being an open-source project, Titanium’s newest APIs are still in the source only.

In terms of the run-time itself, they’ve updated their WebKit renderer to be very close to the latest and greatest and it includes all of the new HTML 5 goodies that Safari 4 has.

Nolan Wright, Appcelerator CTO, has created some screencasts to show off some of the new features; here’s one of them:

We’re very excited to see Titanium moving along!

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Well this is certainly great that this release is available on Linux, however it’s not possible to get it from the download page : (

Comment by frenchStudent — February 25, 2009

I think they had some last minute changes and then had to upload everything to sourceforge. It’s available now:

Comment by AndiSkater — February 25, 2009

It’s great to see such addition to the Open Web, kudos to those guys at Appcelerator !

Comment by frenchStudent — February 25, 2009

Just when I got used to AIR.

Who has time for all the possibilities? I need five copies of me, stat!

Comment by Nosredna — February 25, 2009

Yes congrats on the release and I’ll second the comment about being happy to also see the Linux version.

I really liked the ‘idea’ of Adobe AIR, but as soon as I saw that the company that brought us SVG had removed SVG from AIR, I realised this is not the type of company I want to invest any of my time in. I have a very low tolerance for such corporate bullshit, never knowing what stunt they will try and pull next.

Needless to say I’m very happy to see an open source contender shaping up so nicely!

Comment by ChrisInCambo — February 26, 2009

Hey! It’s like the browser wars are beginning all over again.. :)

Comment by sixtyseconds — February 26, 2009

Congrats on new release, there is a problem tho.

On stable debian lenny linux i cant install the binary because it wants glibc at least 2.8, unfortuantely debian ships 2.7…something version.

And i tried compiling it but with no luck, not sure all dependancies are satisfied.

Comment by Ergo — February 26, 2009

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