Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

To GWT Ext or to Ext GWT?

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One part of the Ext JS 2.1 release was the prominence of the sub project Ext GWT, a project that lets you code in Java with GWT while using the Ext components and framework.

But wait a minute, I thought that that project was GWT-Ext? Or wasn’t there something called MyGWT too? Confused?

Didier Girard has come to the rescue. He has discussed the different projects, how Ext GWT (the new one) is actually a repurposing of MyGWT. He also lists the differences, in his opinion, between the two projects (noting that the latest one is going to be rev’ing quickly):

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I’ve asked about a dozen times: please make your WP layout more accommodating to the content you post, or your content more accommodating to the layout. This is just one of countless times that your content overflows the visible space and the right side can’t be read/viewed.

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