Friday, August 8th, 2008

Tombs of Asciiroth: GWT, Gears, and AIR enabled RPG Game

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Alx Dark has created The Tombs of Asciiroth a fully functional roguelike-meets-puzzle-arcade game.

Asciiroth is a a complete, functional, open source game, written using GWT, and distributed either as an Adobe AIR application, or as a game you can play over the web. In the latter case, it uses Gears to provide saved game support. (So bottom line is you can play it using AIR or Firefox… IE is too slow, Opera/Safari aren’t supported by Gears.) It also has a map editor that is distributed as an Adobe AIR application.

It is very cool to see applications written using Ajax, and then using both Gears for in-browser functionality, and AIR for desktop deployment.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:22 am
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I’ll just make a quick comment that I believe pure JavaScript/HTML games have a bright future. You can do a lot with just JavaScript and HTML ( If you add in Canvas you can do even more.

Comment by Sembiance — August 15, 2008

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