Thursday, February 9th, 2006

Too Many Ajax Calendars

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On his blog, Joel Spolsky, has posted some of his opinions on the proliferation of Ajax-enabled calendering systems that have been coming out lately – and how none of them seem to be up to the mark.

For all the Ajax calendars that are appearing, it’s a shame I can’t find one which really meets my needs.

I tried out Trumba, Kiko, 30 Boxes, Yahoo! Calendar, and Spongecell. I couldn’t recommend any of them.

My needs are probably weird, but not that weird.

Further on in the post he mentions the simple needs he’s looking for but hasn’t found yet – things like: “enter flights”, “understand timezones”, and “print out something reasonable”. He also touches on the “ship early and often” mantra that so many largely anticipated sites seem to be following, without talking the time to fully develop a product that everyone won’t think is “lame” when they look and see it unfinished.

He wraps it up with his theory as to why there are so many of these Ajax calendars popping up lately. According to him, it boils down to the creation of hype to try to garner corporate interest to, hopefully, get snatched up as the “Next Big Thing”.

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There are a few other ones that he failed to mention that are AJAX based that he should give a shot… and

Not sure if the author will care for either of those but in my opinion they both are way better than kiko which to me is a horribly designed calendar.

Comment by Eric — February 9, 2006

I’ve been on a seemingly endless search for the right online calendar system. The closest I’ve found is . It is much more full featured than any other system. I really liked for a while but their feature set is much more limited and new features are slow to arrive.

Check out Airset. It’s not perfect but it’s the closest to perfect enough.

Comment by physio — February 9, 2006

I have been looking for an OSS ajax calendering system that is mature, haven’t found one yet though :(

Comment by noname — February 9, 2006

I’m with physio. AirSet is the cream of the crop right now. And they get straight up no attention. Maybe they need to add “Beta” next to their logo…

Comment by Nels — February 9, 2006

I have been very pleased with Planzo.

Comment by Bonyboy — February 9, 2006

I have been using Aisrset, but am trying out 30Boxes. I think 30Boxes looks promising. Airset needs some interface changes.

Comment by Wally — February 9, 2006

Another: AJAX calendar as a sidebar for Opera and Firefox :)

(It’s in Czech only for now.)

Comment by Oswald — February 9, 2006

Everyone is missing the point completely. We arent in need at this point of a new UI, what is needed is a new way to handle a refer to master data, or home calendars. That way I can refer work calendars back to in a bi-directional fashion to a consumer master of myself, slotting time for sharing with other institutions, groups, and activities.

Comment by ThePef — February 10, 2006

Some 2.0 Calender developments are focusing on connecting their application with API’s like or Flickr just because these are cool nowaddays. But do customers really need that for a calender? NO! They just want a good import & export filter so they can switch over from Outlook, Palm Desktop or whatever other desktop calender application to an online calender. If users can’t do this, they won’t use the calender, trust me.

And please let myself decide whether I want a day, week or month view. Lots of calenders lack this simple feature.

Another nice feature would be an integrated birthday calender. Birthdays are special events which repeat every year, without a certain duration. You could connect these events with gift shops.

Other special events are flights. You should connect these to online flight-trackers.

Anyway, still a lot of work to do… maybe they should start over and examine which kind of events exist and build custom solutions for each type of event.

And of course some RSS support so I can share my calender!

Comment by Bart Claeys — February 10, 2006

I think it’s a little short-sighted to say that all of these Ajax calendars are being built to sell. Calendaring is a hard problem because people like to organize their time in fundamentally different ways.

Comment by Shane Vitarana — February 10, 2006

I just want a nice calendar that operates like an online version of iCal. I want to click on a day an instantly put in info…with no damn dialogs.

Comment by Ryan — April 11, 2006

Take a look at a fresh approach to an
Ajax Calendar
called @Mail, it’s lightweight, fast and the UI is refreshing.

@Mail is a WebMail application that has an inbuilt Ajax Calendar, also includes full Outlook sync support so your Calendar/Tasks from Outlook are visible via the Web interface ( PocketPC sync supported too )

Comment by Ben Duncan — October 6, 2006

So can someone suggest a calender for me? I run a digital signage service and I want to be able to show advertisers what times in the day/week/month that their ads are booked and running. But when the Advertisers sign in, I only want them to be able to update just their content. But they can see who the other advertisers are.

Who would have that type of function, with email alerts for changes to the bookings

Comment by Emmanuel — November 9, 2006

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