Tuesday, May 31st, 2005

Toolkit: Toxic for PHP

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Danne Lundqvist has released the first version of hsi Ajax toolkit for rich clients. It is lightweight and features automatic form validation and fields can be bound to method calls. Currently there is only a PHP backend available.


myUser.bindParams(‘save’, ‘User_id’, ‘User_login’, ‘User_firstname’,
‘User_lastname’, ‘User_email’, ‘User_group’, ‘User_age’);


PHP piece

// The PHP code
class User {
  public function save($id, $login, $firstname, $lastname,
                       $email, $group, $age)
    if ($id == null || $id == 0)
          // Code to save user
          return $newUserId;

    throw new Exception("Updating a user is not implemented");

Read about the release

More info


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