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Tooltip.js: Creating simple tooltips

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Tooltip.js is a simple library that builds on top of Prototype and Script.aculo.us.

You can create tooltips programatically, or just by using special CSS classes.

CSS Styling Tooltips

The most simple example is to add a div with the class of tooltip immediately after the item that you wish to activate a tooltip. E.g.

<p>Click this to show the tooltip</p>
<div class='tooltip'>

Since this is just a div, you can put anything you want in it. You can also create custom activators and such. E.g.

<p><img src="images/dvd.jpg" alt="DVD Cover"></p>
<div style="opacity: 0.999999;" class="netflix tooltip" id="tt3">
<h1>Star Wars: Episode III</h1>
<p>In the third and final installment of the Star Wars prequel trilogy, Anakin Skywalker ... </p>
<b>Starring</b>: Ewan McGregor, Hayden Christensen ...
<b>Director</b>: George Lucas
<p class="close" style="margin: 0pt; text-align: right;"><a style="cursor: pointer;">Close</a></p></div>
<p id="customActivator">This is a custom activator</p>
<p style="display: none;" id="customTip">This is the custom tooltip.
<p class="close" style="margin: 0pt; text-align: right;"><a style="cursor: pointer;">Close</a></p></p>
<script type="text/javascript">
  Tooltip.add("customActivator", "customTip");

JavaScript Activation

You can draw the lines yourself with JavaScript

Tooltip.add('idOfActivator', 'idOfTooltip');
// Or
activator = document.getElementById('idOfActivator');
tooltip = document.getElementById('idOfTooltip');
Tooltip.add(activator, tooltip);

You can also simply choose the events that you want to show or hide the tooltip:

// Show on clicking and tabbing on to the activator
Tooltip.showEvent = new Array("click", "focus");
// Show on clicking on and tabbing off the activator
Tooltip.hideEvent = new Array("click", "blur");


Posted by Dion Almaer at 10:18 am

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It seems like you could also use a custom class name to mimic something like the “for” attribute of label elements (I’ve done this for form validation). So you could say ‘class=”tooltip for_ep3icon”, and the javascript would look for a class of “for_something” for any element with a class of “tooltip” and bind it to that element. That way you’re not dependent on source ordering, and you can re-use identical tooltips that are the same for multiple elements on the page. Not that source-ordering in this instance is bad.

Comment by Mark Kawakami — November 29, 2005

Hi Mark,

That totally makes sense. Decoupling elements like this would be very nice.



Comment by Dion Almaer — November 29, 2005


I’ll add that soon, great idea :)

– Davey

Comment by Davey Shafik — November 29, 2005

Certainly interesting, but the first example can’t be tabbed to (only tabbed away from) and I had great difficulty making the second example dissappear (both w/ FF 1.5rc3).

Little bugs like that are what make me stear clear of similar js powered niceties :(

Comment by Andrew k — November 29, 2005

This is pretty neat. Simple to implement and unobtrusive. It’s too bad you have to bundle it with prototype and scriptaculous.

I had a fairly innovative approach for displaying tooltips for elements with title attributes a while back called Sweet Titles (http://www.dustindiaz.com/sweet-titles/). Fades in your tooltips and all that jazz.

Comment by Dustin Diaz — November 29, 2005


I just released 0.5.0 which actually makes it possible to write-out the use of Scriptaculous,
just change “Tooltip.showMethod” and “Tooltip.hideMethod” to non-scriptaculous functions :)

– Davey

Comment by Davey Shafik — November 30, 2005

Doesn’t work at all in IE.

Comment by Mark Haliday — November 30, 2005

The Netflix copycat works in IE sort of.
Look here

It is not pretty due to the problem with png and IE, but it works.

Anyone have an idea how to make it better?

Comment by Stadil — December 1, 2005

this is my hack,


I change tooltips.js few code,

//Tooltip.showMethod(tooltip, {duration:Tooltip.fade});
change to =>

tooltip.style.display = “block”;

because when I use the fade effects, the border is black first, then Gradient Bevel display, so I change the code.

Comment by YuanYuan — December 7, 2005

and U can C,I creat CSS hack,png transparent work fine with IE5.5+/FF1.0+


Comment by YuanYuan — December 7, 2005

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Great tips. Thanks.

Comment by Peter — July 10, 2006

Gr8 tips , Thnx

Comment by Gladwin George Peter — July 29, 2006

Is the link dead ? I can’t manage to download the script.

Comment by Alex — August 28, 2006

Will any one give full sample code for Tool Tip?

Comment by Ashok — December 2, 2006

This is good stuff

Comment by Sid — December 18, 2006

I have applied the tooltip.js in my site http://www.bangladeshrocks.com

looks good

Comment by bangladeshrocks.com — January 18, 2007

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Comment by Aukcje — April 7, 2007

Ok, I feel totally retarded, how do I get it to work??!

Can someone please post a step-by-step guide?
With EVERY detail of the process included??

If you do, please contact me by clicking my name on this post! (Luggruff!)

Comment by Luggruff — April 13, 2007

This tooltip script does not work properly. The first time I’ve tried it, it was working fine, but then afterwards when i tried it on a client website, the tooltip was a real mess.
First the tooltip was not properly aligned to my image and worse, on IE the tooltip does not appear at all.

Try the tooltip combined with mootools. This one is better and works perfectly on firefox and IE…

Comment by Shane plasebo — April 15, 2007

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My #1 feature request to start with: provide an option to make clicking away from the tooltip hide it. I find having to click on the original element or on a separate close link to be somewhat confusing. Otherwise, keep up the good work!

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