Wednesday, August 30th, 2006

Top Ten Web 2.0 Games

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<>p> Bored at work (or at home, for that matter) and looking for something to do? Well, this page might have just the ticket for you. It lists out a “Top 10″ of some of the more popular Web 2.0 games offered on the web, as ranked by the number of exit clicks each has gotten on the page.

Topping off the list is Chihuahua, a boggle-style game where you play against others all around the world. Others down the list include:

Also included are mini-descriptions of what the objective of each game is, how it’s played, and in some cases, screenshots to show you what to expect. There’s also tons of others found in the sidebar listing if you get tired of these top ten.

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i like

Comment by jakob — August 30, 2006

I miss gpokr too. It took me some time ‘evaluating’ it ;-)

Comment by FEBO — August 30, 2006

But maaan what an ugly web site that is….

Don’t know if those people are qualified to determine top 10 web anything…

Comment by Dominic Cronin — August 30, 2006

This is definitely not the most popular game on the internet, but it’s fun. Jawbreaker uses javascript for the gameplay, inline CSS, javascript and CSS sprites for reduced page load time and AJAX to keep track of your score.

Comment by Steve Spencer — August 30, 2006

[...] Uno delos juegos web 2.0 más prestigiosos del mundo según la última noticia de Ajaxian: Chihuahua. [...]

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You should check out Similar to one of the greatest boardgames of all time: Acquire. Multiplayer, tough AI, chat, etc. Really cool.

Comment by Brian — August 30, 2006

Get yourself over to Risk based strategy game

Comment by stevef — August 31, 2006

I did a DHTML version of “Arkanoid” a few years back – because I was using dynamic <script> elements, it doesn’t work in Safari, but is good in IE and Mozilla.

Users can get highscores, create and save their own levels for others to play – it’s amusing what people will draw on an 13×20 grid. ;)

Comment by Scott Schiller — August 31, 2006

[...] Cleaning up the web with … Uno delos juegos web 2.0 m s prestigiosos del mundo seg n la ltima noticia de … Read This [...]

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Games are changing too fast to keep up. I think that some of our old time card games can still compete!

Comment by Las Vegas — October 10, 2007

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