Friday, August 7th, 2009

Tori’s Eye: You can never have enough Twitter visualizations

Category: jQuery, Showcase

We posted on the audio + processing Twitter visualization this week, and today we have a new one.

Luis Abreu and Quodis Labs have created a jQuery DOM based visualization, Tori’s Eye. It’s a twitter visualization animated with jQuery, fetches search rss results( has a default keyword, user can change ), and for each result it spawns and animates a paper bird that flies through the screen.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:44 am

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An interesting screen shot to accompany this site!

Comment by smileham — August 7, 2009

hahahaha! @ what this little birdy tweets

Comment by mare — August 7, 2009


Comment by Jonny — August 7, 2009

Brings a whole new meaning to “visualization”….

Comment by carlleewilson — August 7, 2009

Whoah!!! Didn’t expect WHATWG to be dropping F-bombs… In that case as an enhancement, it’d be cool if further tweets were visualized through bird droppings ;P

Comment by someguynameddylan — August 7, 2009

I thought that was pretty cool until I saw $.each.

Comment by Darkimmortal — August 7, 2009

Very nice!

Comment by McDaid — August 8, 2009

This is a great way to visualise Twitter quotes. Would make for a great campaign!

Comment by blake — August 11, 2009

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