Tuesday, July 11th, 2006

Tuesday Morning Roundup

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Tuesday morning roundup!

  • Lesserwiki – a very light Ruby on Rails wiki very similiar to TiddlyWiki, with all updates done continuously on one page, double click to edit, etc.
  • Article on Writing Custom Iterators for Prototype from Encytemedia
  • A Prototype solution to the DOM Ready issue (see Dean’s post for background info)
  • Javascript object < -> Rails object marshalling capability has been integrated into Protowidget – demo here, detailed explanation here – looks cool and could also function on its own.
  • An Ajax-ready slide transition library (demo) based on the popular Prototype/scriptaculous combo.
  • Reducing the perceived responsiveness of your app with the “W AJAX” design pattern – using background threads on the server to load complex data while the browser continues to load the easy stuff.
  • Safari hates trailing commas like this:

    1. new Effect.Highlight('foo', {duration:0.5,startcolor:'#ff99ff',});

    while FF and IE don’t care. Bruce Williams has a quick and dirty Ruby test case to find offending scripts so you can catch it early in your build.

Sifl n Olly’s Chester on his love skills. (mp3, probably NSFW)

updated: made title less stupid

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Not only does Safari hate trailing commas, IE 6 hates them too.

Comment by kourge — July 11, 2006

So does Opera 9.

Comment by Terry Laurenzo — July 11, 2006

So do I.

Comment by Dean Edwards — July 11, 2006

And Firefox gives a warning:

trailing comma is not legal in ECMA-262 object initializers
foo = {“a”: 1,}

Comment by Martin — July 11, 2006

This mistake can conduct you to hour of bug searching :) So beware !

In IE array can be done like this too :

var foo = [ 1, 2, 3, 4, ];

But you’ll get a 5th elements with null value.

Comment by Nicolas BUI — July 12, 2006

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