Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

TuneKit: The Web SDK to code up iTunes extras

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  1. albumHelper.play = function (){ var t = bookletController.buildPlaylist(appData.songs);
  2. t.play();
  3. if (window.iTunes.platform == "Windows" || window.iTunes.platform == "Mac" || window.iTunes.platform == "Emulator") {
  4. TKNavigationController.sharedNavigation.pushController(visualizerController);

What’s that? The code from above is something you would see in an iTunes Extras experience.

When Ben showed me a (admittedly poor) Star Trek iTunes Extras we talked about how it felt like a DVD and wondered what tech produced it.

Now we know that it is our friends: JavaScript and CSS (and some XML fr-enemies… XML Schema? Nooooooooo) as you can see in the TuneKit programming guide.

Great to see the Web diversifying once again. The Web keeps going as it hopefully lives up to the dream of a unifying platform.

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I would like to see –at least– a minimal analysis of the product from a technical point of view: pros and cons, wins and fails, how to get the best of the experience, how to “make the difference”.

Stark Trek’s poorness is just content.

Comment by lmasanti — December 1, 2009

If you happen to have purchased an LP, it’s trivial to take a peek at the insides. Just change the .itlp extension to .zip and open it up.

Comment by miketaylr — December 1, 2009

Check out http://ituneslp.net , they’ve done a nice job of putting together some tutorials.

Comment by ccollett — December 1, 2009

great thanks

Comment by Aphrodisiac — January 15, 2010

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