Wednesday, August 31st, 2005

Turbo Ajax: turboDbAdmin Ajaxian Db Tool

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“OMG! So awesome my head exploded”

That is the subtitle at Turbo Ajax, and it certainly is very cool.

Turbo DB Admin is Online database administration, Ajax style.

If you check out the demo you will see something that feels like other db tools, but is of course right there in the web.

turboDbAdmin Features

  • One-page solution for monitoring, editing, and updating a database server with a standard browser.
  • Easily edit your rows just like you would in a desktop application. No hassles, submit buttons, or page refreshes: the database server records your changes automatically.
  • Cutting-edge TurboAjax components deliver a rich interface and will be commercially available soon.

This tool is built on top of Dojo Toolkit, with Turbo creating Dojo-ian widgets to build the app with. Very slick indeed!

Turbo Db Admin

Posted by Dion Almaer at 12:17 pm

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XUL also only happens to be available on 10% of the world’s deployed browsers. Not to mention that it has no coherent spec’s dictating its behavior.

But that doesn’t mean enterprising toolkit authors might not resort to wrapping XUL to provide fast native components. It just means that pure XUL is a complete non-starter for most environments.

And from that perspective, it’s 10 years behind. May as well be a client-server app if you don’t have universal deployment in the year 2005.

Comment by Alex Russell — August 31, 2005

I’ll take 10% of one billion users anytime.
2nd and 3rd paragraphs are just FUD.

I won’t change my XUL widgets that just work, for uncertain DHTML+AJAX wannabes that may or may not.

As I see it, DHTML+AJAX is a desperate attempt to mimic XUL while anxiously waiting for XAML.

For those who don’t have to wait, there is XUL.
For those in the bleeding edge, there is XUL.
For those ahead of their times, there is XUL.

As an old chinese proverb goes, “Use the right tool…”

Comment by GeorgeN — August 31, 2005

It is me or does the demo hang Firefox for about 30sec at the begining when visiting the demo page?

This is also impressive,

Comment by Wei — August 31, 2005

GeorgeN: you’re free to see DHTML as whatever you like, but that doesn’t change the fact that a lot of people won’t share your conclusions given the same data. For those that don’t (and perhaps even for those that do), there will be tools that provide for universal deployment. Even raw XUL isn’t much fun to deal with (RDF? what?)

Wei: the demo of that app is using the debugging version of Dojo, which makes is significantly slower to load the first time than the deployment versions. When their product ships, it’ll be much snappier.

Comment by Alex Russell — September 5, 2005

[…] Turbo Ajax: turboDbAdmin Ajaxian Db Tool (tags: db ajax dojo) […]

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Its a very innovative application that handles database access without page refreshes.

Comment by Sankar Paneerselvam — April 25, 2006

i agree, this is cool if u dont want to refresh the entire content. pretty cool. to access The DB on the spot. nice

Comment by internetgeek — October 29, 2007

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