Friday, November 4th, 2005

TurboDbAdmin First Release: Version 0.1

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The TurboAjax Group has released version 0.1 of their ajaxian database tool.

TurboDbAdmin is a single-page Ajax solution for exploring and editing databases from a browser. Edit data just like you would in a desktop application, without submit buttons or page refreshes.

New Features

This release supports:

  • navigating to and browsing table data
  • viewing table schema
  • editing table data: when you click on a table and see the data, click on anything you want to change inline!

TurboDbAdmin requires a web server, PHP 4 or higher, and MySQL 3 or higher.

TurboDbAdmin was built on top of the Dojo Toolkit and uses TurboAjax Group’s TurboWidgets: a suite of powerful web user interface controls.

See a live demo

Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:39 am

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Seems interesting, but the live demo crashes my navigator, whereas it is firefox or ie.

Comment by guillaume — November 4, 2005

Just tried in in FF 1.0.7 and it seems stable. What version were you using?

Comment by Rob — November 4, 2005

You are right, it now works both in IE and Firefox (1.5RC1) for me too. Firefox displays a warning message though, about an infinite script or something.

Comment by guillaume — November 4, 2005

hmm if you look at what it sends to the server, you see SQL strings there. wonder if you can just change that and DELETE everything on that server?.. Stupid design.. Things like this should be decided on the server.

Comment by wesley — November 4, 2005

are you kidding? this is incredibly elegant well designed. (esp for a first release) The coolest “ajax” component I’ve seen thus far.

Comment by jesse kuhnert — November 4, 2005

Hey guillaume:
Don’t forget that it’s a tool for DB admin, not something you would usually make available to the public. Deleting dbs and executing (nearly) arbitrary SQL will be possible directly from the interface, no hacking required.

Normally one would put the app behind some kind of auth shield. HTTP auth or some kind of tunneling. We also can provide a custom auth layer.

Also, some control can be gained by limiting the rights granted to the MySql user account accessed by the server code.

Comment by sjmiles — November 5, 2005

sjmiles: hey you’re making the same mistake as I do, that is thinking the poster is the one who has his name above the text (instead of below) ;o)

Comment by guillaume — November 7, 2005

[…] We’ve seen in-browser SQL, a database administrator, and even a database designer. Now there’s a database monitor. AjaxMyTop presents current MySQL connections. You get a data grid showing connections, each showing ID, user, duration, and so on. Periodic Refresh ensures the connections are kept fresh, and you can easily set the refresh period in an input field. Being a true data grid, the connection list can be sorted and filtered on one or more fields. In a nice touch, the column heading morphs to include a text input when you want to type in a filter for that column. It’s nice to see keyboard shortcuts here, certainly a feature every DBA will welcome. […]

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