Friday, December 15th, 2006

Tweebox 1.0: Browser based choose-your-own-adventures

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Chris Klimas has released Tweebox 1.0, which is a browser-based application used to create interactive stories.

Aside: You remember the good old Choose Your Own Adventures books. This is them for the web. I keep thinking that someone will do this for the big screen, and the audience votes at various times. Then people may pay to go to see the same movie more than once.

This is a fairly unique application in that because it reads and writes files on the user’s computer, it’s meant to be run locally. Nevertheless, it uses a lot of Ajax technology. It uses moo.fx’s old Ajax class to read files, browser-specific functions glommed from various places to write the files, and JSON saved to a cookie to encapsulate project data.

It requires IE6+ or a Mozilla-based browser, but the files it creates can be viewed in any modern browser.

Tweebox Example

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Argh! I’ve been fostering this idea for a while now. First ‘they’ got my idea about the ‘foot mouse’ to market before me, now this! Well, its not like they can patent it, so I guess I can still go forward with it.

Comment by Matt Nuzum — December 15, 2006

Ha Ha, I loved those old Steve Jackson books, I had a whole bunch of them! Isn’t it funny that we’ve come full circle on computer games? Does anyone else remember “Hunt the Mugwump” on 8086’s?

Comment by Mike Ritchie — December 15, 2006

Don’t you mean “Hunt the Wumpus”?

Comment by Ryan Gahl — December 15, 2006

I was sitting on this idea for a while too. I ultimately decided not to bother, because I figured the choose-your-own-adventure books were an attempt to create a level of interactivity that websites and video games already transcend by their very nature. In other words it would be a big step backward. Maybe I was wrong.

Comment by Andrew — December 15, 2006

Haha, very nice. I made a programming language to create such stories, also in JavaScript. (

Comment by gabor — December 18, 2006

Wander over to and get the software that Twee is based on. More open source goodness to keep you happy.
Also works great for any other kind of micro content, like contacts, recipes, blogs and GTD.

Comment by TonyaRashcan — December 19, 2006

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