Thursday, August 10th, 2006

Two New Ajax for JSF Releases

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Version 1.0 of Ajax4Jsf, an open source project that adds Ajax support to JSF has been released.

From the project home page:

The framework is implemented using a component library that adds AJAX capability to your existing pages without needing to write any JavaScript code or needing to replace existing components with new AJAX widgets. Ajax4jsf enables page-wide AJAX support instead of the traditional component-wide support. This means you can define the event on the page that invokes an AJAX request and the areas of the page that should be synchronized with the JSF Component Tree after the AJAX request changes the data on the server according to the events fired on the client.

This may be a great way of getting out from under some of the sluggishness of some JSF interfaces.

And there’s more JSF news. Yesterday Backbase released version 1.2 of their AJAX Java Edition, with support for JSF. Aside from supporting a greater number of application servers, the new version also adds new components and a component wizard:

A brand new UI component wizard allows simple creation of custom components. The new wizard is based on Eclipse WTP.

The most notable new UI component is the popular context menu. In addition, client-side validation has been improved and now includes a configurable “required” property as well as use of regular expressions for advanced client-side validation.

Backbase will be giving a webinar on August 15th to demonstrate how to use their tools to add Ajax to ‘JSP, Struts, Spring or JSF.’

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