Friday, June 2nd, 2006

Two Tools Make Ajax + Eclipse a Reality

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IBM developerWorks has this new article posted with a look at two tools that are looking helping bring more support for Ajax to the Eclipse software via its “Ajax Toolkit Framework” – Dojo and Zimbra.

The partners behind the Open Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax) Initiative are strengthening the community by building an open platform in which developers can collaborate.

The initiative puts a wide range of tools into the hands of the people who are building responsive user interfaces (UIs) into new and existing environments. The unified interface and advanced debugging capabilities in Eclipse bring an enterprise-class coding environment to the community. Eclipse’s ATF will offer easy access to toolkits from Dojo and Zimbra.

There’s a brief look at what the Eclipse Ajax Toolkit Framework is before they even get into any code. They include a small flow diagram to illustrate how it all integrates as well. After that, it’s all about the code.

First they mention Dojo, a project looking to combine enhanced Javascript with dynamic HTML, and how to get it installed (one of the five five editions they offer) a simple example of its integration. With that down, they tackle the other option, Zimbra, and mention (along with some screenshots) what some of the various offerings it brings to the table.

All of this is due to a huge push from the Open Ajax Initiative, a wonderful collaboration between some of the major players in the web community to create better tools, resources, and even new technologies for the betterment of the web as a whole.

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Bummer, no Prototype/Yahoo UI support it sounds like.

Comment by Tom — June 2, 2006

Well, aren’t you a fan boy! It is a long time since I saw so much vapour! Where is your integrity? Calling it “a wonderful collaboration” doesn’t bode well for critical scrutiny, does it? Is it time to go elsewhere for independent Ajax reporting?


Comment by Mats Henricson — June 2, 2006

Mats. maybe you shouldnt have 7 coffees before commenting on blogs.

Comment by José Jeria — June 2, 2006

A wonderful collaboration, indeed, Mats. Because it’s the fact that people are collaborating to create a better environment for everyone, that is a wonderful thing.

You can still, if you feel the need, critique their decisions or results. But the fact that people are collaborating? Duh.

Comment by Gonzalo — June 3, 2006

José, I only drink tea. Gonzalo, what makes this particular collaboration better than any other collaboration? The only reason I can see is that it hasn’t produced ANYTHING yet. Just words words words. I was also a bit excited when the alliance was announced a few months ago. Then, what happened? Nothing! If you ask me, the whole thing was a typical Microsoft pre-pre-pre announcement of something that wasn’t even in alpha. IBM and others felt they were WAY behind in Ajax, so they announced this alliance as if it had any material existence, when all there was is hot air.

If this collaboration is so wonderful, where can I read more about the real results? Point me at a document I can read! Where is the meat?


Comment by Mats Henricson — June 3, 2006

Gonzalo, what makes this particular collaboration better than any other collaboration?

Oh, nothing in particular, sure. But my point was just that collaborating is good. Any collaboration.

Still, I’d say give it some time. The “Web Tools Project” for Eclipse also took some time before having anything interesting.

Comment by Gonzalo — June 3, 2006

If nothing in particular is better about this collaboration compared to other collaborations, then why did you call this one “wonderful”?

The result of the Eclipse Web Tools Project absolutely stunk from the very beginning! I tried it out and it brought down my Eclipse installation beyond repair. Had to reinstall the whole damned thing. Certainly far away from “wonderful”. I may be better now. I try to avoid Eclipse if I can.

So, lets see if I understood this correctly – there is nothing I can read that has come out of this “wonderful” collaboration yet? Do they have a website?

Comment by Mats Henricson — June 4, 2006

It seems silly to disregard something just because it hasn’t produced immediate results. I could bore you with examples from medicine to technology, but pass on such a tired rhetorical strategy.

The article is about potential and the current state of the projects — it has more substantive information than any of these silly criticism posts.

Comment by Martin — June 18, 2006

Can any body tell me how can i Add my ATF or how can i add dojo in eclipse. as i have tried all the steps but somehow its not working.please its urgent. help needed.thanks in advance.

Comment by jane — July 4, 2006

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