Wednesday, October 5th, 2005 tracking IMDb with Ajax

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Tim Broddin has developed, a web application that allows its users to keep track of which movies from the IMDb Top 250 they’ve seen. He developed this because he saw a lot of fellow webloggers who kept a list like this but they all struggled keeping it up to date. uses a clean Ajax UI and also offers a lot of other Web 2.0 candy (feeds, a small image to put onto your site which says X/250, javascripts and even an API).


  • Manage your movies (Ajax list management)
  • Search IMDd (Live Search)
  • View and share other peoples lists

I had to have a chuckle at “Web 2.0 compliance!”. I think that should be my next startup. Pay me lots of money and I will give you a Twarte-like banner that allows you to claim Web 2.0 compliance :)


Posted by Dion Almaer at 3:29 pm

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“Search IMDd (Live Search)” should be “Search IMDb (Live Search)”

Comment by Hans Mast — October 5, 2005

I’ve made something similar since ages, at . No registration and only the top of this decade =)

Comment by clem — October 8, 2005

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