Monday, March 29th, 2010

TXJS: Upcoming JS Conference in Austin

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JSConf is around the corner, but there’s more 2010 conference action in the pipeline. Paul Irish pinged me about YayQuery’s TXJS and its all-star cast:

TXJS is a full-day conference hosted by yayQuery on June 5 in Austin, Texas. We just landed Douglas Crockford and John Resig as speakers, so what started as a regional conference has turned into sort of a big deal.

Besides Crockford and Resig, we’ve got Peter Higgins, project lead for the Dojo toolkit; Juriy Zaytsev (aka kangax) and Andrew Dupont from the Prototype library; Brian LeRoux of PhoneGap fame; Node.js contributor Tim Caswell; and many others. We’ll be announcing the venue in a few days.

After the talks, we have a hack night and party in downtown Austin, sponsored by Google and hosted by Austin JS.

They’ve kept the prices cheap at $69 for the day.

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Well, it’s good to see that Texas hasn’t tried to replace Crockford with St. Thomas Aquinas.

Comment by okonomiyaki3000 — March 29, 2010

They’ve also apparently filled up. Good for them, but bad for those who didn’t know about it until now.

Comment by shawn — March 29, 2010

The Waitlist for TXJS is open! Maybe we can sneak in a few. :)

Also the upcoming jQuery Conference in the Bay Area is coming up real soon
Tickets going fast there, too!

Comment by PaulIrish — March 29, 2010

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