Monday, December 12th, 2005

TXN: Ajax Online Desktop

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xix xeaon has created an early stage example of his TXN online desktop.

Currently the only programs are a console and chat application, but they live in their own windows, like a true GUI OS.

A nice experiment of the Web OS concept. I wonder if we will ever get to a stage where our OS is a web based one. This isn’t a new concept of course. At one point I used to use a dhtml rich desktop within windows, and back when my home machine was a Sparc station everything was run through X, allowing me to have the same shared desktop anywhere I went.

We are not here yet, but I could imagine a time when we could log into any machine and our desktop came up. Going through the web may be a bit too much though. Maybe GoToMyPC is enough ;)


Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:10 am

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username: thetester

Comment by thetester — December 12, 2005

I didn’t think it was anything to write home about. As far as an intuitive UI goes, it did not work very well. I’m sure I’m missing the point of the application, but it didn’t seem like anything I would ever use.

Comment by John K — December 12, 2005

I agree with John K about the UI not beeing intuitive. Though I think, in the future, this kind of applications will replace todays desktops, that ties the desktops to specific workstations.

With that said, I hope you don’t mind me recommending a visit to my hobby project regarding this vision, so far for IE only… :-P

Comment by Hakan Bilgin — December 12, 2005

Hakan Bilgin, you pwan me this time =)

Now when I see that I’m not the only one working on Web OS I shall put much more effort into it! =D

Note: If it does not work well it’s probably because you’re not using Firefox 1.5… Everybody I know have tested it and they say that everything works with Firefox 1.5 and I tend to agree.

Well, I should be going back to developing now ;)
c ya

Comment by xix xeaon — December 12, 2005

I swear someone has been reading my mind. Litterally last night I was sititng in bed thinking about how I would do something like this…then I wake up and find out someone already did. Dammit!

Comment by Tom Robinson — December 12, 2005

Nice concept. How come it doesn’t work in Mozilla 1.7 and only in Firefox. I mean the are both derived from the same open source platform.

Comment by Michael — December 26, 2005

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