Friday, June 2nd, 2006

UIZE: Javascript UI Toolkit

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UIZE is a work-in-progress toolkit with a few widgets and some of the coolest visual effects I’ve seen on the web.

The UIZE JavaScript API has been designed making full use of the object orientation features of the JavaScript language. The APIs of the various modules have been carefully thought out so that they are comprehensive, sensible and consistent …

There are some nice widgets here – a table, a set of dropdowns to select a value from a tree, a slideshow, and a slider (with a nice color selector demo). What’s really neat, though, from an eye candy perspective, is the “Wipe” effects – visual transitions from one image to another. The mostly involve opening up the new content in different places at the same time. e.g. “Blinds” open up several vertical lines atr once, “Matrix” opens up several rectangular blocks at once, and different timing is used to produce a number of distinct effects.

(Thanks Scott Schiller)

Posted by Michael Mahemoff at 7:29 am

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Hey what’s that for a website? It doesn’t work really. The text isn’t shown correctly, I use ff 1.5 and think that this is THE browser to test your apps. what’s going on there, I think UIZE people have to change some things. I can’t test anything.

Comment by Andreas K — June 2, 2006

I’m using Firefox on Win XP and didn’t have a problem with any of the demo pages…

Comment by Matthew Reinbold — June 2, 2006

(as a quick aside, why does my browser always try and download a php page when I submit a comment to the ajaxian?)

Comment by Matthew Reinbold — June 2, 2006

Hey Matthew, the reason your browser tries to download a php file its because the file you’re viewen can contain some php code, if this is the subject, you should install a web server like APACHE in order to be able to see the page without the download prompt.

Comment by Azmodan — June 3, 2006

Looks exciting… but doesn’t really work in Safari…

Comment by Tobie Langel — June 3, 2006

Azmodan –

wait a minute… In order to post a comment to the Ajaxian I need to install a web server on my local machine to interpret php code in the subject? Ugh.

Comment by Matthew Reinbold — June 4, 2006

[…] Ajaxian » UIZE: Javascript UI Toolkit […]

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Azmodan – You really have no clue what you are talking about right?

Matthew — Usually this is a problem with the webserver sending wrong headers or the web server itself not recognizing php file properly.

Comment by OB — June 4, 2006

it’s one of the coolest one i’ve seen
I like the complex table sort

Comment by Simon Jia — June 5, 2006

Anyone know how to download (or purchase) this? I can’s seem to find a link, and when I view the .js files themselves they’re (seemingly) blocked. I confused!

Comment by Michael — June 5, 2006

Yes, you can download it all by going to the UIZE JavaScript Framework Web site and clicking on the DOWNLOAD link in the menu. Simple as that…

Comment by uize — December 4, 2008

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