Thursday, March 2nd, 2006

Under the Radar: Session 1 – When 2.0

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We are at the Under the Radar conference on Microsoft’s campus in Mountain View.

The conference is all about the new web, and companies get to show off their tech. Then, the evil folks in the audience get to vote and take a poll on the companies, while a panel pings them with questions.

We are surrounded by much cooler cats than us like Dave Winer, Steve Gilmor, Michael Arrington, Dion Hinchcliffe, and the list goes on.

We will do a few posts on what we are seeing in the show to keep you up to date.

When 2.0

The first session contains calendar people such as:


Scott Mace, co-founder of CalendarHub starts off the session.

The demo started off focusing on the privacy side of calendaring, and how each event can have a custom visibility.

The world of mashup was shown with the integration of Google Maps.

New: They are finishing up an Outlook plugin, so we can have offline support via this synchronizing.

Ben asked: “What makes your product unique?”

  • First: interface (subscription)
  • Second: integration (more than ics files)

Michael Arrington is known for being pretty honest, and he doesn’t hold punches here. He is “bearish” on the the business model of online calendars, and thinks that CalendarHub needs more Ajax features to get more of a “wow” factor.


“Spend my time with your friends”.

Got started as a side thing for fun. They started with the mathematics of social networks. This is a tool from the world of the PhD’s rather than from someone who just wants to build a calendar.

They did a great job at trying to define the calendar space, and of course end up with the most check marks ;)

They focus on invitation, sharing, calendar, network, word of mouth, privacy, discussion. More than just a calendar is what they are trying to say.

Business model? Targeted ads (of course), premium memberships, event promotion, ticket sales.

They do work for you. They let you type english. “from wed to fri”, “nighttime oct 8th”. They seem to be trying to do the hard stuff themselves, to make our lives easier.


Founders are from Plumtree, then BEA, and now Skobee.

This app is all about using a first degree social network to filter what’s cool. It’s more than just a calendar, and has a lot of community features (such as comments all over).

They showed off email integration via cc’ing Put in some magic such as “when: 3/6/06” in the email, and it groks that out. Put in “where: …” and you get a Google Map mashup.


Everyone is keen to say “we aren’t about calendar!”, and this was no exception. Zvents comes out firing about how hard it is to “do events right”.


Haven’t noticed the cool Ajax features that other calendar-esque apps have.

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Are there any decent web calendars that I can install on my own server? I’d also really like the ability to import other ics files as well as export as ics to be able to use Sunbird on a few desktops.

Comment by Tim B — March 2, 2006

These guys are all toast when Google’s much-rumored calendar comes out, integrated with gmail, Google Talk, etc.

Comment by Jason Carreira — March 2, 2006

Jason is right, the Google calendar is the obviously missing piece in the Google puzzle. Combined with Gmail and the hosted mail service, this could even be a good replacement for Exchange (for smaller companies).

Comment by Lars Fischer — March 2, 2006

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Under the Radar conference

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There are live coverages over at Ajaxian and Under the Radar.

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pls view this link is also a good exmapl of calender demo

Comment by custumsoftware — March 31, 2008

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