Friday, April 20th, 2007

Unobtrusive JavaScript, Microformats, and the Google AJAX Feed API

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Over on my personal blog I discussed Unobtrusive JavaScript, Microformats, and the Google AJAX Feed API.

The posting discusses an example that creates a Feed Billboard using the Google AJAX Feed API released the other day.

Here is the outcome:

The fun part was creating a microformat that would degrade nicely:

  1. <ul class="feedbillboard access:randomly">
  2.   <li><a href="">Google Code</a> (<a href="">RSS</a>)</li>
  3.   <li><a href="">Ajaxian</a> (<a href="">RSS</a>)</li>
  4.   <li><a href=""></a> (<a href="">RSS</a>)</li>
  5. </ul>

I have gone into more detail over there.

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When i click a link, the page content is loaded inside the feed’s iframe.

Comment by Tim — April 21, 2007

This isn’t a microformat.

Comment by Nick — April 29, 2007

Nick’s right. Microformats have been through the microformat process, the name isn’t trademarked or anything but still.

Maybe you could call it a tinyformat?

Comment by Thom Shannon — April 30, 2007

Microformats are the trend of the next web generation. I think that every one should have his own hcard and hcalendar. With Microsoft and Firefox 3 intent to implement microformats into their browser, it should surely make a revolution in the coming years.

So, everyone grab your hcard now, breofre it’s too late…

Comment by Shane plasebo — May 5, 2007

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