Monday, March 6th, 2006

Unspace Live Data Grid

Category: Component, Examples, LiveEdit, Ruby

<p>Pete Forde took the time to extract the code from a current project and create a lightweight but very functional web grid that does a slick job of live updating whatever content you put in. The widget is pure Rails, Prototype, CSS and XHTML.

Pete has a detailed description of the datagrid, and you can jump to an example to play with too. Then if you really like it, grab the Source Code.

Unspace Live Datagrid

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Oh yippee… another site that gives us that lovely Precondition violated error message. So helpful.

Comment by Marc Brooks — March 6, 2006

This looks great. It’s jsut what I’ve been looking for for a wordpress plugin I’ve got floating around in my head.


Comment by Cal Evans — March 7, 2006

What I’d really like to see is this same example but using PHP and no Rails. Good examples of Live Edit without the use of Rails is almost impossible to find.

Comment by John — March 23, 2006

I’ve tried your livedemo in Explorer with excellent results, Then switch to Firefox and found that the addnew and delete functionality stop working. However look & feel is nice. :)

Comment by Omar Valerio — November 16, 2006

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