Monday, December 31st, 2007

Untold JavaScript Secrets

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John Resig has some JavaScript secrets that he wishes to tell in a new book, and wants your help in getting more.

Some on the tip of his tongue are:

  • What is (function(){ })() and why is it so fundamentally important to modern JavaScript development?
  • What does with(){...} do and why is it so useful?
  • How can arguments.callee change how I work with JavaScript code?
  • How exactly do timers work and how can I best use them?
  • How do I identify and tackle memory leaks in web applications?
  • How do I write a cross browser way of…
    • Getting/setting attributes.
    • Injecting HTML strings.
    • Getting/setting computed css values.
    • Managing DOM events.
    • Writing a CSS selector engine.
    • Doing smooth animations.
  • How can I use verification tools (like JSLint) to my advantage – and write my own?
  • What’s the best way to transmit JavaScript files?
  • How do I write my own JavaScript compressor (like Packer)?

This looks like good stuff. I am sure the likes of Dean Edwards, Neil Mix, Kris Zyp, Alex Russell, and many others have interesting things to add.

A book that I would love to see is the equivalent of the Eric CSS books for Ajax. Take some real apps and build them in a book. Quality case studies that teach you a lot, in a nice glossy set of copy that makes you smile.

What would you like to see? Maybe the entire piece could be made collaboratively :)

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Maybe everyone knows this already, but mabye talk a little about

a) the fundamental of how “ajax” works in different browser? XMLHttpRequest v.s Microsoft.XMLHTTP,
b) the differences between putting the javascript in the head section v.s the bottom of the page
c) How to use firebug effectively?
d) Cache and Javascripts.

Comment by Liming — December 31, 2007

Comparisons between some of the major javascript libraries out there.

Comment by toonetown — December 31, 2007

…get Brendan Eich, Alex Russell, John Resig, Dean Edwards, Doug Crockford, Sam Stephenson, Dustan Diaz, Steve Yegge… feed them, given them beer, and throw them in a room with a video camera and some microphones and a stenographer… and just let them talk for 2-3 hours about JavaScript, design patterns, anything that interests them, what they’d like to see. Dion moderates! Transcript the whole thing. I’d buy tickets to watch that. That’d be a ton of information!!!!!

Comment by Mark Holton — December 31, 2007

Liming: about script position, see this page:

Comment by Joeri — January 2, 2008

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