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Update on The Ajax Experience

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Join Us at The Ajax Experience!

We are a month away from The Ajax Experience, our conference on all things Ajax. It’s been a while since we covered it on the site; I want to share some insights on how things have evolved.

More speakers and sessions. When we announced the conference, we had over twenty-eight speakers lined up from some of the brightest luminaries in the Ajax world. But, we weren’t sure that was enough — so we recently expanded the agenda to include another seven speaking slots. Check out the latest agenda! We hope you’ll be impressed when you examine the lineup; I hate to single out any small group of speakers as we have so many talented, qualified folks — check it out for yourself. You’ll find that every major Ajax framework and tool is represented, often with the lead maintainer or chief architect as the speaker. When we started planning the show, we listed all the speakers and content that would make this the ideal Ajax event — and you know what? With only one or two exceptions, it all came together.

With five different options every hour of the show, we hope attendees won’t have any problems finding interesting material. Indeed — some folks have complained that the largest problem is figuring out what to miss! By the way, the sessions are each 90 minutes long — so if you’ve been frustrated by 30 minute fluff overview pieces, that’s not what this show is about. Each of these sessions goes deep and delivers plenty of technical content.

Cool giveaways. All attendees will receive a free iPod Shuffle, pre-loaded with a special podcast for the event as well as other interesting Ajax-related materials. O’Reilly has been generous enough to step up and give free copies of their Ajax books, “Ajax Hacks” and “Head Rush Ajax”, to all attendees as well. And, since we’ve written a book, “Pragmatic Ajax“, we’ll throw that in as well. And of course, we’re giving away a MacBook Pro at the show to a lucky attendee. As a special bonus, if Apple announces a new MacBook Pro between now and the show, we’ll be giving away either Ben or Dion’s current MacBook Pro instead of a new one — how cool is that??? ;-)

We’d love to hear your feedback on the agenda, the swag, and anything else; please make a comment to this entry or send a note to us. In any event, we’re excited that so many folks (250+) have signed up! There’s still room for more if you’d care to join us — register over at

All the best,

Ben and Dion

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Well, to bad it is in the US. I refuse to travel to a country that treats its visitors like criminals at the border.

Comment by Martin — April 12, 2006

Where would you like to see an Ajax Experience? Speaker availability aside, I’d love to do a Latin America / South America show (probably Mexico or Brazil, though I’d enjoy doing it in Chile) and a Europe show (London, Paris, or AMS).

Comment by Ben Galbraith — April 12, 2006

Really looking forward to heading out there, nice to see the extra material added, looks like it will be a great conference. Also noticed over on Dojo’s blog that they’re hosting an extra ‘developer day’ directly following the conference, for anyone who’s attending.

Comment by Rich Waters — April 12, 2006

I think Toronto might well support a full conference. Possibly Vancouver too although my preference would be this side of the continent.

Comment by Brent Ashley — April 12, 2006

Swag idea: charged, extra batteries for our laptops? :)

Comment by Ray Daly — April 12, 2006

We’ve made sure WiFi is all over the place, but yes! We can do more to make power available. I’ll look into that. Spare batteries, eh? Interesting thought. I wonder what the top five laptop models attendees would bring are?

Comment by Ben Galbraith — April 12, 2006

Seven new speaking slots, but y’all still couldn’t find a single qualified woman?


(yes, there are people who use that as part of their criteria as to whether or not to attend conferences)

Comment by Dori — April 12, 2006

As a special bonus, if Apple announces a new MacBook Pro between now and the show, we’ll be giving away either Ben or Dion’s current MacBook Pro instead of a new one
With all hard drive data intact and an account password, I hope?

Comment by Erik — April 12, 2006

Dori: Sadly, we have had very little interest from female presenters. It might not be too late to include one! Let’s take this discussion off-line and see what we can work out.

Erik: Absolutely. ;-)

Comment by Ben Galbraith — April 12, 2006

Ben, just curious, but how exactly were people supposed to signal their interest in presenting at this conference? I don’t recall seeing a call for proposals – sure seems like all the speakers were invited. I’d like to second Brent’s call for an east coast version and put in a vote for hosting one in the midwest (ideally MN – we’re only a 45 minute flight from Chicago!)

Comment by Nate Schutta — April 13, 2006

Nate, good question. We designed the conference up-front and invited those we were aware of as being players in the space (I recognize we definitely missed a few).

BUT, we’ve added a number of speakers who sent us emails asking to be included in the show. Because we had so few open slots, we didn’t bother with a Call For Papers (unfair for those who put forth the effort to create proposals) but we wound up having so many requests from speakers to be included that we added a new track.

In reference to Dori’s comment, we’re just not aware of any Ajax luminaries who are women, and none have emailed us either. Hence the demographic of the speakers.

Thanks for the tip on conference locations! We’ll definitely take that under consideration.

Comment by Ben Galbraith — April 13, 2006

[…] This data is a little old, I guess, but according to a post on 4/10/06, the AJAX Experience conference (held by in SF, CA, US) is only half full – 250 attendees.  Wow!  If you are in the area on May 10th-12th, I suggest you check out this speaker list and agenda.  I’m talking major, major, major leaders in the Rich-Javascript and AJAX field. […]

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