Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Using JavaScript to make things work

Category: JavaScript, jQuery

An interesting top 12 list has been published, on using Javascript to fix 12 common browser headaches:

  1. Setting Equal Heights (jQuery example: $("#col1, #col2").equalizeCols();)
  2. IE6 PNG Alpha Transperancy support
  3. Changing CSS Classes in JavaScript
  4. Browser selectors in CSS ($('html').addClass($.browser);)
  5. min-/max- height & width support
  6. Center Elements Vertically / Horizontally
  7. Display Q tags in Internet Explorer
  8. Increase the size of click targets and get more call-to-action conversions
  9. Lazy loader
  10. bgiframe: Helps ease the pain when having to deal with IE z-index issues.
  11. ieFixButtons: fixes the buggy behavior of the
  12. Fix Overflow

As you will see, most of the solutions are jQuery plugins, but you could roll your own.

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Yes great example!
For getting start with jQuery, you can check this link:

Comment by mauvecargo — October 30, 2008

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