Friday, September 29th, 2006

Valoony – Ajax Enabled Comparison Shopping

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The German comparison shopping site Valoony has launched three new Ajax enabled comparison shopping mini apps: one for digital cameras, another for perfume, and — my favorite — one for wine.


The interface allows you to adjust various numerical parameters using sliders, select brands, types and specific stores, and enter search terms, etc., all of which cause the right hand content panel to update via XHR. On Joe Walker’s 4 States of Ajax Adoption, I’d say this is state #2 — Progressive Enhancement. The interface still uses IFrames and more traditional pre-Ajax techniques. Also, you can easily get into a confused application state by using the browser’s back button instead of the “Zurueck” button in the page.

From a user experience perspective, I’m not sure this particular use of Ajax improves my shopping experience or is something that couldn’t have been done before with Javascript and IFrames. Then again, I don’t know what the old shopping experience was like, so this may be a vast improvement. It’s certainly much better than my last frustrated fumblings on CNet. Also, I got an excellent deal on a 1996 Brunello. ;-)

Posted by Dietrich Kappe at 2:56 pm

4.1 rating from 30 votes


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5 stars rating from 7 votes? I just don’t see how this is even possible. I am not going to be picky with the back button not working. But when the product’s details view is shown, the left-pane probably should disappear. Otherwise, if users change the criteria (like check some check box, move the slider around, etc) but there’s no feedback to users, then I wouln’t call that user-friendly. If it’s not user-friendly, I won’t rate 5 stars. It’s not all that bad, and I wouldn’t rate 1 star either, but overall, the CSS, the web design aspect, are not that “beautiful”.

Comment by Kevin Hoang Le — September 29, 2006

i dig the css beauty 8P

Comment by Mario — October 2, 2006

The HREFs for “perfume” and “wine” got mixed up :-)

Comment by Stephan — October 2, 2006

we are using something similar in our CRM.
thaks again for showing us on this site.

Comment by rent back — November 22, 2007

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