Monday, April 30th, 2007

VegUI: Ajax framework and widgets

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VegUI is another Ajax framework that also masks as a JavaScript based window manager.

Unlike all frameworks, this one has been worked on for a long time before coming out to the public:

vegUI was originally developed to serve as a foundation for the online browser-based mmorpg Lands of Kazram. So
it was developed with 4 core features in mind:

  1. Speed
  2. Compact Design
  3. Total control over appearance, flexibility
  4. Modular Design

I like to think that i’ve managed to stay true to all four of those concepts, and now 2.5 years after the development on vegUI had started i feel quite comfortable in releasing it to the public.

There is a lot of documentation including tutorials.

Veg UI

Posted by Dion Almaer at 7:18 am

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I get this nostalgic feeling of old dos UIs written in Watcom C/C++. Both the interface design and coding style gives me these feelings. Those where the days… :)

Comment by Spocke — April 30, 2007

Opera crashed few times in dataset demo
Resize is working funny in all browsers

Any way it is cool!

Comment by dienow — April 30, 2007

16:9:5 what kind of a time notation is that? for something that has been under development for quite some time it’s strange no one ever wondered what time it was.

and the first window i spawed had an overflow problem.
and the maximize button didn’t respond

oh well

Comment by Lon — April 30, 2007

I like this a lot. The windows seem to be a bit faster than comparable scripts. I especially like the docking but I’m wondering what happens if you have like 20 windows to minimize – where do they all go to?

The dataset really does crash Opera 9.2 but works (for me at least) in other browsers. I like your implementation of the editable tables within the spawned windows.

Comment by Alex93053 — April 30, 2007

I would give this one higher marks, except they acknowledge no Safari support at all. The demo certainly does break in Safari 2.x, but if you have downloaded the nightly WebKit build, Vegui works just fine. And if you’re testing Safari 3.x in Leopard, I’m sure it works there as well. I sent the developer a note letting them know they’re selling Vegui a bit short, and that they should try to get someone knowledgeable about the WebKit platform to give them input now and then.

It never ceases to amaze me how insular some of these Windows-based development teams are. “I can’t test Safari because I don’t have a Mac!” Bull. If that’s the problem, go spend $600 on a Mac mini, or even less on a used machine. I’ve got a hardly used Mac mini (a gift to my 85-year-old Dad, who just couldn’t get his fingers used to a mouse) I’d be willing to sell for $400 or so. I’ll even throw in a (one-button) mouse. Now, don’t tell me you can buy a decent Windows machine for less than that, cause I know you can’t, unless you’re handy and like to build your own appliances. In which case, please send me your email… I really want a less expensive TV next time and am sick of paying Sony thousands of dollars for theirs. Surely one of you can build a plasma set for me for a lot less, can’t you? :-)

Comment by Leland Scott — April 30, 2007

Am I the only one put off by ajax frameworks with poorly marked up homepages? Looks like the developer of this one has an alergy to p tags, and has a sackful of brs that needed to be used by yesterday.

Comment by Ben — May 1, 2007

I like this approach a lot, thats why I have a similar one. I´m looking forward to get in contact with Stefan, I´m sure we have a lot of things to talk about. Except from a slightly different UI concept this is the first time I see a similar framework. Amazing.

Comment by Frank Thuerigen — May 1, 2007

Why didn’t I notice before? They even present us a zero-based month calender!!! For the true nerds.

Comment by Lon — May 1, 2007

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