Wednesday, September 21st, 2005

Video Interviews with Scott Isaacs and Omar Shahine of Microsoft on MSN Ajax

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More and more content is coming out of Redmond. Microsoft’s Channel 9 has put up a couple of Ajaxian videos.

Firstly, we have Scott Isaacs on MSN DHTML Foundation, where Scott starts off showing us that yes. Microsoft invented Ajax ;)

Oh, and that it isn’t Ajax. It is DHTML. You can’t blame him can you?

Once that is out of the way, Scott dives in to show us demos of various projects that he has been involved in, from to cool widgets that he has put together. Don’t give him a hard time for adding tags to RSS!!! ;)

Omar Shahine on New Hotmail “Kahuna”

Next, Omar Shahine takes us on a deep dive with the new and improved Hotmail, code-named Kahuna.

Some nice footage.

( via Dare )

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Is it just me, or is everyone in that first video a project manager? Where the heck are all the developers developers developers

Comment by Sean — September 21, 2005

Sean, that was exactly my first thougt…haha
Everyone is “lead”.

About “Microsoft invented Ajax ;)”, the term Ajax is actually new and I think it’s made up by JJ Garret.

The technology was availabe from since 1999 in IE. This is a fact. JJ only gave it a catchy name.

Comment by Hakan Bilgin — September 23, 2005

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