Tuesday, August 9th, 2005

View Post-rendered Source

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Michael Moncur found the View Formatted Source Mozilla extension. He hit the nail on the head with respect to its usefulness. Having color-coded HTML is fine and all, but the interesting piece is that the source that is shown isn’t just what was downloaded from the server, but represents the current work, post script:

I nearly uninstalled it until I spent some time working with Ajax and discovered another use for it: it displays the rendered source of the page rather than the original source, which means that you can see the source after your script has modified it. I’ve found this very useful for debugging DOM scripts, so I now consider it a must-have extension.

View formatted source – Firefox Extension

Posted by Dion Almaer at 12:06 pm

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hmm, if you select some text in Firefox, and press right button of mouse and choose there View Selection Source, then it will to show generated html source (e.g. modified with javascript), not that wich is downloaded from server.

Comment by bubu — August 9, 2005

I concur with bubu, the ability to see the current dom (instead of the one downloaded from the server) has been in Firefox for a quite long time, and is the reason why “View (Page) Source” makes a call to the server (check it) to retrieve the original file instead of getting it from the memory: Firefox doesn’t actually hold the original file in memory (probably has it in cache but …)

Now, it’s true that it’s not really obvious since you have to actually select things to get the “View Selected Source” option, but well…

Comment by Masklinn — August 9, 2005

Masklinn: The bug (#55583, view-source should show original page source (use cached source)) was fixed in 2002. I guess I should verify that this is still working but I don’t have LiveHttpHeaders working at them moment.

Comment by Erik Arvidsson — August 9, 2005

When I want to see rendered source I go through Dom Inspector and click on a given node (then choose copy XML)

Comment by Andrew Wooldridge — August 10, 2005

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