Thursday, October 5th, 2006

Visualistic: Ajax Room Designer

Category: Showcase

In response to our article on Behr, Nick Snell pointed us to Visualistic which is a purely Ajax version in development.

Read more about Project Visualistic.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:34 am

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No worky in FF. Throws an event error.

Comment by Andrew Herron — October 5, 2006

Just about to say the same thing :(

Great idea but dont think I could be bothered firing up IE just to see if it’s broken over there as well.

Comment by Richard — October 5, 2006

my Foxy su#%s here. 1 star…

Comment by Ken — October 5, 2006

In IE, very slow to loading and reloading thumbs.
FF doesnt work!

Bad Ajax programing!

Comment by Daniel Arantes — October 5, 2006

It works in IE but you can’t see the swatch being dragged and it reloads the entire image after changing a color or floor. Do they have a database of images with one for each floor and color combination? Sherwin Williams has a very similar application built using Flex that works much better in my opinion.

Comment by Douglas — October 5, 2006

Opera works fine as far as i can see

Comment by Matt Oakes — October 5, 2006

Why even post this? The readers of this site are all likely using non-IE browsers. Its an insult and a waste of time.

Comment by Jeremy — October 5, 2006

This is lame use of AJAX. It just showing you a static image based on your selection. AJAX use is minimal. Waste of time.

Comment by Tahir — October 5, 2006

Kind of neat as a “live preview”, but I wonder why there’s any use of XHR or drag and drop – neither are necessary here. If you can click a carpet type and see it right applied right away (you wouldn’t drag carpet to your wall, would you?), why use drag and drop with “targeting” if there’s only one target?

Secondly, shouldn’t there be separate sets of pre-rendered images for the different combinations which should take minimal time to load?

And the final stake through the heart, “IE-only”? It’s 2006! :)

Comment by Scott Schiller — October 5, 2006

IE only? it works in FF here, its pretty slow though – i agree with scott it would be better to just pre-render all the images rather than rendering on the fly though…

Comment by john — October 5, 2006

Why make it with images, an online 3d viewer like would be albe to view the very same content real time in 3d within the browser.

Comment by Johannes Findorf — October 6, 2006

Why did they bother using this approach, it seems like drag and drop for the sake of it. A click and view would have done the same job. Also its damn slow.

Comment by Darren — October 9, 2006

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