Sunday, December 10th, 2006

Vizzo: VPS Management

Category: Showcase

Ten Ships have created a simple Ajax VPS management system for OpenVZ servers.

Info and a demo are at Vizzo VPS

Biggest gotcha in their words:

Biggest gotcha? Not ready for IE6 until the next beta :(. We are currently focusing on implementing features, we will go back and fix non-compliant browsers in a future release (although soon). We are currently looking for user feedback, suggestions and bug reports from the early-beta live demo currently live on the Vizzo website.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:42 am

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This is great. I currently have a pod of 10 VPS’s and being a beta tester makes my VPS control much easier.

Keep up the great work Ten Ships.

Sorry for my bad english.

Comment by budmang — December 11, 2006

Hi ajaxian,
I have finished my first AJAX project.
(a CMS for SBMU-Skin Research center)
You can see it at:
It uses AJAX-MVC architecture.for more
informations you can read my weblog:
Please review it and say me your comments,i will be glad to hear your advices.
Thank You.

Comment by ali1k — December 11, 2006

ali1k: Ajaxian has an email address posted in the header if you would like to suggest something for coverage:

Comment by Andy Kant — December 11, 2006

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