Monday, December 12th, 2005

W3C Creates Web Application Formats Working Group

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We recently discussed how the W3C Created a Web APIs Working Group, that included XHR and such.

They are at it again, now creating a Web Application Formats Working Group:

The W3C Web Application Formats Working Group is chartered to develop languages for client-side Web Application development.


  • Specification of a declarative format for applications and user interfaces.

    This deliverable should be based on an existing application/UI format, such as Mozilla’s XUL, Microsoft’s XAML, Macromedia’s MXML or Laszlo Systems’ LZX, provided the owners of the format are willing to contribute. The format should allow embedded program code. This format, combined with the deliverables below and existing technologies including XHTML, CSS, XForms, SVG and SMIL, should provide a strong basis for rich client application development.

  • The XBL2 specification.

    XBL2 is an extension to the sXBL specification developed jointly by the SVG and CSS Working Groups. XBL is a declarative language that provides a binding between custom markup and existing technologies. This enables an extensible framework for custom controls and the MVC (model, view, controller) methodology.

  • Guidelines for Web applications

    This may include a list of technologies to support in order to provide a standard interoperable Web application development platform.

  • Interoperability test suites for relevant deliverables.

    Following the W3C process for specifications.

  • Education and outreach material for Web developers.

    This may take the form of a weblog or W3C Notes with suggestions and guidelines for developing accessible Web applications.

The Working Group values any input from the community regarding its deliverables. Do you think something should be a different priority? Is something missing? Are there any mistakes? Please use the public mailing list (details in the sidebar) to give any feedback.

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