Monday, July 7th, 2008

W3C Event Debugging; Gears and AIR, not versus; Host-Proof Hosting library

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A couple of posts from my personal land that are related to the Ajax world:

First up, I am building an application that uses some canvas and ran into an issue handling events which sent me down a merry path that took me through: initMouseEvent, error fun (Component returned failure code: 0×80070057 (NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE) [nsIDOMEventTarget.dispatchEvent…..] ), tabindex=0 (thanks Alex), and finally Event.stop(e).

It reminded me of how much I have forgotten, and how debugging can be too hard for Ajax applications. The good news, was that the solution was simple, and the event system does have some very nice properties.

Secondly, some folks tried to make a story out of Passpack adding an AIR application, but we quickly saw how they ended up with both an AIR app, and Gears support in their browser based application. I talk about how this is a valid choice:

I also expect to see more joint applications. Gears functionality is working into HTML5 the standard, which will end up in WebKit (as Apple is great in that regard), and AIR uses…. WebKit as its renderer!

I really hope that AIR will be able to bridge to those APIs, and you get the best of all worlds. I would love to use the Workerpool API from within an AIR application that is doing a lot of JavaScript work for example.

The Passpack team also announced a new open source Host-Proof Hosting Library that has a lot of nice encryption routines packaged up allowing you to:


  1. Passpack.encode("AES",str,mykey)
  3. Passpack.decode(algorithm,plaintext[,key,optionalPars])
  5. Passpack.utils.getBits(password)
  7. Passpack.utils.genRandomKey([size,salt])
  9. Passpack.utils.hashx(str[,nohex,full])

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Comment by zulugrid — July 7, 2008

whoops! you’ve been hacked again!

Comment by kae — July 7, 2008

… lots of v**gra spam …

Yea seems hacked alright. Maybe it’s time to upgrade from wordpress 1.5.2 to something a bit more modern and secure? :)

Comment by chabotc — July 7, 2008

lol, AJAXIAN is getting worst days after days.

What the hell is he talking about ? Since when do admins are copy/pasting their own blog here ?

RIDICOULOUS post (and content)

Comment by Laurent V. — July 7, 2008

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